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YogaDork Holiday Gift Guide 2010: The Best Yoga Gifts of the Year

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Oh my! It’s holiday madness, and we are in it…RIGHT NOW! Shhh…you can almost hear the pitter patter of little yogi elves’ feet. Still in a shopping crunch? We’re here to help.

Last year‘s pie in the sky gift was a retreat. Does that still rank #1 on your list?

Of course there’s so much to BUY as gifts, but we’ll start you slowly with a few cheaper/free options, which given with love, are priceless anyway, don’t you know. But we’re also feeling a bit Oprahdorkish, so here’s a shortlist of our favorite things from this year, gifts for the Complete YogaDork, if you will. (ok, we’re not going full Oprah and giving away a retreat this year, BUT of we were, it might very well be Linda Sama-Karl’s Bali Yoga Retreat in May 2011)

The YogaDork 2010 Gift Shortlist:


The free:

Yogi playlist. Simple, lovely and heartfelt. Compile your favorite tunes from your own library, or expand your horizons. Ever heard of Vitamin String Quartet? MC Yogi? Jai Uttal? Go nuts, have fun.

Sorta free: Yoga mat wash. Yogis can be notorious for letting that sticky mat get stickier with sweat and dirt – ick! There are some great cleaning products out there, but you can make your own by combining white vinegar and water, or maybe use some essential oils like lavendar, tea tree or peppermint mixed with distilled water. Put it in a reusable spray bottle and tie it up with a pretty bow.

The obvious:

Yoga Studio gift card! Free classes or private sessions are on every yogi’s list.

Not a yogi? How about treating your loved one to a class, and YOU go too. Everybody wins.

The Necessities:

Mats and props: Check out Lotuspad for eco-friendly yoga mats, Hugger Mugger for deals on propage like blocks, belts and blankets, and try Inner Space Yoga for beautiful handmade bolsters, cushions and zafus.

Books: Sadhana (practice) and Svadhyaya (self-study) are helped with the aid of some great books. Here are a few to start the foundation of a YD library: Light on Yoga  by B.K.S. Iyengar, Living Your Yoga by Judith Hanson Lasater, The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Commentary and translaition by Sri Swami Satchidinanda.

Journal: This one is a necessity on our list. Give your yogadork a blank page to record their journies on and off the mat. It may end up becoming their favorite yoga resource, and you their favorite person!

The Goodies!

African Jade Mala from Tiny Devotions

Watch Me Do Yoga by Bobby Clennell

Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude by Neal Pollack

The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga In America byStefanie Syman

Yogi Cookie Cutters by Baked Ideas

Pinda Yoga Mat Bag by Saka 

Cozy Legwarmers from Sock Dreams

Chocolate! Truffles from Chocoveda

And of course for every YogaDork, YD goodies!

What Would Guruji Do? Limited Edition Tshirt

and other tees in our zazzle shop, plus mugs, magnets and stickers!

Need more ideas? Check out the YD Gift Guide 2009!

Click over to YD pal Jenn’s site for YogaDeals Picks 2010! stuff for the stocking-less yogi & Cyber Sales



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