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Chinese Premier Praises Yoga, Gandhi, Quotes Upanishads

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Interesting  news from the East: China loves yoga! This week Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited India and gave a 30-minute address at the Indian Council of World Affairs where he praised Mahatma Gandhi, quoted from the Upanishads, spoke highly of Yoga and its relation to Chinese calligraphy, and waxed poetic on how much influence Buddhism has had on Chinese culture. Apparently Wen has a “sincere friendship” with old pal Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

The yoga connection actually stems back to an ongoing sort of cultural exchange program between schools in China and India. Students at Chinese school, Jinyuan Senior High School, in Shanghai get yoga classes taught to them by Indian instructors via video-conferencing, while students at Tagore International School at Vasant Vihar get lessons in Mandarin. Cool. Too bad everyone in India knows English.

But, seriously, China’s all about the yog and American religious zealots are still namby pambying over demons? Did we mention this was China? China, folks.

Hey, does this mean we’ll start seeing Sutras in our fortune cookies?

(those characters above mean “yoga” in Chinese. OR, they could mean “western asshat” for all we know, we don’t speak the language)



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  • praised Gandhi, huh? rather ironic considering China’s human rights violations and their ongoing genocide in Tibet. does that mean they will stop torturing Buddhist monks and nuns in Tibet?

    “waxed poetic on how much influence Buddhism has had on Chinese culture. ” really? then I guess that means they will stop threatening countries with trade sanctions when their heads of state want to meet with the Dalai Lama?

    I could go on, but I won’t.

  • Falesi

    Actually, I consider it equally important to know both “yoga” and “asshat” in Chinese.

  • India seems to be working towards the same solution the US came up with a few year ago when it extended permanent normal trade relations status to China while putting forward the view that trade with China should not be linked directly to human rights.

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