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Yogi Feats: Free-Diver Channels Yoga Skills to Beat World Record, Save Dolphins!

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Yes! This is stuff that gets us up in the morning. Well, this and the profound joy of writing for all you yogadorks! So you know, if yoga’s not saving us from bears, it’s helping us conquer amazing feats of human ability. Meet William Trubridge who just beat a world record free-diving to 100 meters in the Bahamas, all in one breath. No, this deep sea adventurer didn’t need weights to descend the depths, he used his own hands and feet, and yoga!

The 30-year-old dived unassisted to reach the mark set in 1980 by Jacques Mayol, whose exploits were featured in the film The Big Blue.

But whereas Mayol used a weighted sled to descend and an inflated lift bag to return to the surface. Trubridge relied on his hands and feet to propel him through the depths.

“It’s the same as driving or washing the dishes, it becomes part of your muscle memory, your subconscious. It means more efficient movements and with your brain out of action it uses less oxygen.

“A lot of my techniques are taken from yoga practice. My mother Linda is a yoga teacher and my wife Brittany has just become one too.”

What’s refered to as “autopilot” sounds an awful lot like meditation. Dharana? Dhyana? Dude, nice job.

This is his 13th world record by the way, ahem. But besides concentration, this chap’s got Karma Yoga going on; he’s using the publicity to raise awareness for his campaign to help save the endangered hector’s dolphin, via verticalblue.net.



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  • Fantastic feat and for dolphins to boot! What can’t yoga do?! Thanks YD for posting this. Funny, I just finished watching a film called The Cove which is all about saving dolphins as well. It should be watched by all lovers of marine mammals.


  • It’s amazing how much we can accomplish with practiced breathing and meditation! Neat article 🙂

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