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Brad and Angelina Adopt Yoga! Plan Hindu Wedding

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Uh oh, is this bigger celebriyogi news than Lady Gaga’s frilly panties in Bikram class? This is HUGE. Not only is there news that Brad and Angelina will finally tie the knot after 5 years and 6 kids, but they will do it Hindu style! Step aside cupcakes as wedding cake, there’s a new nuptial trend shaking up Western traditions –  it’s in India, and it involves yoga! (btw, are cupcakes still cool? you can tell we don’t get married much).

Brangelina are rumored to be following in the footsteps of America’s sweethearts: Julia Roberts, who converted to Hinduism after shooting Eat, Pray, Love, and pop star Katy Perry, who wed Russell Brand in a traditional Indian ceremoney back in October, which by the way, included all the fixins like elephants and henna, but a Christian minister.  

Reports say Brangie have been under the guidance of Siddha Yoga Guru Ram Lalji Siyag of Bikaner (Rajasthan, India), who will perform the anticipated ceremony. Word has it the pair have been practicing Siddha Yoga together and Siyag has given them their very own divine mantra to chant to help them find inner peace and harmony. You all can take creative guesses as to what that is.

Since we’ve already got the yoga/Hindu can of beans wide open as it were, Siddha Yoga, as we know it, was founded in the beliefs of Hinduism, and includes elements like mantra and meditation on the quest for self-realization. It is not the sweaty asana.

We’re thrilled for the two incredibly gorgeous and fabulous stars, and naturally everyone’s favorite Hindu American spokesperson Rajan Zed is in approval as well. Huzzah! No word yet if the kids,  like Julia’s, will get fun new Hindu-ish names. OR a fun new Hindu sibling! Stay tuned.



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  • I’m more interested in reading about the prenup……

  • As anybody who’s been in a supermarket checkout line in the past half decade or so knows, Brad and Angelina are the most interesting and important people in the whole world.

    Yoga news just doesn’t get any bigger than this.

  • Kath

    What happened to their declaration that they would not marry until everyone and anyone were eligible to marry?

  • This is getting ridiculous. Hinduism a serious religion to about 1 billion people, and you can’t convert to it. I live with my boyfriend’s Hindu family when I’m in India, and often go to the Shiv mandir with them in the evening. My father-in-law buys a tray of food that my mother-in-law distributes to the line of emaciated women waiting outside the door. It’s very moving. And it’s hard for me to reconcile my experience of Hinduism with American movie stars getting married in India because it’s trendy.

    I am feeling increasingly more sympathetic to the Hindu American Foundation (though not their methods). Nothing is sacred in the modern world.

  • This is the biggest celebrity Yoga news since the Beatles went to India on retreat with the Maharishi, which catapulted Yoga philosophy into the national spotlight for many years afterwards, in some ways favorable and in some ways not.

    Bob W.
    Elephant Journal

  • chris

    Before Judaism and Christianity spread to Europe, Europe was actually Hindu. How ?

    Centuries before Christ, Alexander the Greek arrogantly invaded India in order to conquer India – only to himself be humbled and won over by the wisdom and beauty of the Hinduism and Buddhism of India.

    Alexander’s generals and nobles embraced Hinduism and Buddhism, and took these Eastern Philosophies with them back to Europe ( Alexander passed away during the Greeks’ retreat from India to Europe ).

    So, Hitler was not altogether wrong, when he tried to trace the Hindu lineage and link of the Germans !

    So, it is not odd for the White Man to feel some ancient stirrings in his soul, whenever he comes in contact with Hinduism.

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