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How Do You Define Spirituality? Comments Welcome

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Well since we’re discussing lofty subjects like spirituality and consciousness, you know, like we do here on YD, let us ask the big daddy Q: How do YOU define spirituality?

What does it mean to you? Is it intertwined with yoga? Just something to ponder, and for many, especially meaningful to reflect upon during this time of year. SHARE.

Here a few thoughts from the fab facebook crowd:

Scott Smith The search for realization of our true nature without the judement of the search of others

Cathy Grogan love

Nikki Rood the cultivation of awareness that is fueled by self-inquiry – coupled by a faith in something larger than our experience of ourselves.

Brendan Kerr rejection of the materialist/mechanistic paradigm. celebration of mystery and wonder.

Kevin P Casey An earnest interest in and a persistent effort to remain in touch with Unity. We sense it on a sort of dim level, obscured by the details and ephemera of daily living. But if we pay attention it may begin to shine through and that’s what keeps practice alive and evolving. It’s the transcendence of the limited, egoic self.

Ron Hayes The acceptance that I am a small part of something bigger.

Tobye Hillier Religion is for peeps who don’t wanna go to hell, spirituality is for peeps who’ve been there arleady

Sarah Enright Striving for complete acceptance and connection with the infinite universe where we all come from.

Sarah Enright Bliss is this.

Dana Antoniou The word ‘Spiritual’ comes from the Latin word ‘spiritualis’, which has nothing to do with God, enlightenment, nirvana, moksha, freedom, spirits, heaven or hell. It has to do with breathing. ~Mother of Health

As I inhale I bring God closer t…o me. As I exhale I bring myself closer to God.
Colette Barry All the above .. and then some.
What about you?
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  • Kath

    I am so glad you asked for it is good to rethink, re-feel this one question.

    I believe we are all part of one expression, one effort, made through many voices, many gifts. Spirituality is the search for the full authenticity of my personal gifts and the discovery of a means of sharing who I am as a part of that one expression.

    Yes, yoga helps because it brings me face to face with who I am, moment by moment and breath by breath.

  • Holden Francoise

    The escape beyond life and death which does not exist.

  • I think it’s very much an umbrella term. But it covers a sense of the mystical, things that connect us to something bigger than our puny selves, experiences of union with the creative force of the universe, etc.

    What I think it isn’t, is some kind of equivalence with goodness or morality. And I despise it when people say things like “that’s not very spiritual of you” as some kind of judgement. Eeeew!

  • I would think it is simply an attitude of openness and acceptance of the absence of answers to any of our “deeper” questions. It’s accepting that there are no anchors for any certainty, and trusting that it’s still all worth it. But hey, who am I to think I got this right anyway, I’m just an economist…

  • admin

    more via facebook:

    Alyson Donahue Following what’s in your heart based on self study, rather than following what other people tell you is right or wrong. Spirituality is a very personal thing. Being happy with your choices and striving to live a good life as best you can, mind, body and spirit.

    Bella Hunt Listening to my inner vibe and not thinking too much or critiquing the information that is given.

    Fernando Vedrenne-Gutiérrez Connection with yourself and with the sorrounding’s self!

  • the pursuit of truth

  • Richard

    With this word, the less definition the better. The word has become limited enough! “The pursuit of truth” is my favourite from Candice, because it requires a further definition of the word “truth” which opens up our perception, urging us to actually look instead of further limiting ourselves with more views/categorisations/definitions.

    Love your blog!

  • I think it’s a matter of being open to more than our regular 5 senses. It is also a matter of wanting to be better every day. The wanting to become purer and in connection to the divine (whatever that is, god, the universe or your own favorite). The strive to break free of the secular.

  • Shamela

    Self awareness and connectivity. 🙂

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