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Herbs Go West: Ayurveda is the New Yoga

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As doctors, healers and delegates from all over the world gather together for the 4th annual World Ayurveda Congress & Expo in Bangalore this Thursday, December 9th, we have to wonder, should we be preparing ayurvedadork.com?

Ayurveda, literally “science of life” in sanskrit, grew its roots thousands of years ago in, seeping into the Western world as interest in alternative medicine ebbs and flows, but it’s just recently catching on in YogaPop culture. This weekend-long conference, expected to be bigger than any previous years, will focus on the growing fascination with the ancient system and its place in the modern world.

Dr Geetha Krishna, organizing secretary of the event shares this year’s goal, via Daily Newa & Analysis:

What is the purpose of the Ayurveda Congress?
The theme of this year’s programme is ‘Ayurveda for All’. Despite having a great legacy of healthcare and treatment in our country, people are not too keen on this method of treatment. So we will be showcasing its potential, stressing the fact that it is a recognised medical practice. We have over 1,250 scientific papers which will be presented during the congress.

At least this time around, unlike with yoga, India is more prepared to counter any enterprising biopirates out there trying to gank their heritage*. Since 2001 the Indian government has been documenting and digitalizing ayurveda in the TKDL (Traditional Knowledge Digital Library) along with thousands of yoga poses.

* “In December 1993, the University of Mississippi Medical Center had a patent issued to them by United States Patent and Trademark Office on the use of turmeric for healing.[59] The patent was contested by India’s industrial research organization, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), on the grounds that traditional ayurvedic practitioners were already aware of the healing properties of the substance for centuries, and that this prior art made the patent a case of bio-piracy” [wikipedia]



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