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Facelifts OUT, Face Yoga IN!

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‘Facial Yoga A Growing Anti-Aging Trend!’ To which we say, oh really CBS? Apparently people are wiggling their face around in ridiculous ways and finding tighter more youthful looking skin.

“I have no wrinkles on my forehead, no botox,” Cynthia Rowland  [creator of Facial Magic]said. “Look at this – my forehead doesn’t even move because it’s so strengthened from exercise.”

“We’re using isometric exercise with contraction, and when you isometrically contract a muscle, it moves everything from the inside in a very special way,” Rowland said.

Do we think it’s yoga? Well, we just did some of the exercises so you wouldn’t know by looking at the expression on our face.

Naturally, the cosmetic surgeon disagrees.

“If you can do it in a way that in certain people improves their appearance, I don’t think there’s any harm to that,” Dr. [Joseph] Eviatar said. “But this notion that you should exercise your facial muscles like you exercise the rest of your muscles for the gym is really not true.”

Want to know what we really think? Why not? It’s cheaper! But seriously, this is such an obvious tie-in with laughter yoga. Look utterly ridiculous while laughing hysterically?…the fountain of youth! You could make millions. Laughing all the way to the bank, anyone? anyone?


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  • Rock My Soles

    This is way too much trouble.. I just stick my head out of the car window while driving 80.

  • I prefer using Laughter Yoga to exercise my face, lots more fun and I don’t have to put gloves into my mouth and risk looking like a walrus (no offense to walruses).

    But hey, if people like it, go on and get your Face Yoga On!

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