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Conscious Hip-Hop Schooled with ‘Practice’, New Track from Yogi Rapper Dylpostino and JetTricks

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Tired of waiting for Jay-Z’s yoga rap album? Oh we know! Us too. But, alas, good news! Conscious rapper Dylpostino and London production team JetTricks will abate your hip hop yoga musical cravings with their new track “Practice”, a bonus jam off The All One Breath EP due out December 10th.

Where’s the Def Yogatry Jam! We gotta admit, this practice hook is firmly logged in our cranium. Also, we love the thought of swinging from Dyl’s handlebar mustache, in sirasana?

Abhyasa and Vairagya – Practice and Non-attachment. Patanjali in hip-hop form.

It all began, as every great relationship does, at a yoga retreat on the Freeperson’s Isle of Crete where Dylpostino, aka Dylan Bernstein, an Ashtangi and Mysore teacher, and Paul Elliott and Jamie Lawrence JetTricks, bonded over yoga and old school hip hop. This was the result. “Elevating the state of music in the 21st Century and beyond. Peace.”

The All One Breath EP tracklist:

  1. Gam
  2. Effortlessness
  3. Vikalpa
  4. Be That Self
  5. Open Road

bonus track: Practice

Listen to more tracks at www.dylpostino.com/music/music.html or myspace.com/dylpostino

EP released digitally 12.10.10 on iTunes, Amazon, etc.



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  • Weeeee!!! Sharin’ Thanks YD.

  • Oh my gosh, that’s the WORST thing EVAH! I’ve never seen anything I less wanted to watch, heard anything I’ve less wanted to listen to. Some people shouldn’t be allowed cameras…

  • JoJo

    That is super cool – im gonna go spread the word – love it! Thanks

  • Yogini#

    Not my kind of music, but he does have a way with mudras …

  • I must say it did make me laugh…ice ice baby……;)

  • Hey,
    Thanks for sharing the Practice video – please check out the latest video from conscious hip hopper Dylpostino – ‘Be That Self’

    Hope you like it…and of course feel free to pass it on:


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