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Yoga Helped Somali Pirate Hostages Survive 388 Days of ‘Wicked’ Captivity

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Monday Yoga Headlines:

‘Yacht couple Paul and Rachel Chandler: We kept fit by doing yoga and aerobics as the pirates watched us…we’re survivors’ [DailyMailUK]

Hurray! Paul and Rachel are released from Somali pirate clutches after 388 days! How did they survive? Besides strong will, yoga and aerobics kept the two fit and focused. Talk about taking yoga off the mat.

‘We are naturally fit, exercising regularly and eating healthily, and that has helped us through. We managed to do some yoga and some aerobic exercise.

‘Today we were examined by a doctor and we have high blood pressure and are dehydrated but we have come to no serious physical harm.’

The Chandlers, from Tunbridge Wells, Kent, had taken early retirement last year to sail around the world on their 38ft yacht the Lynn Rival. They were hijacked as they sailed from the Seychelles last October en route for Dar-es-Salaam on the Tanzanian coast.

Yoga sure is making big headlines these days! Got to love it, eh? When it’s not credited for people’s happiness, improving the quality of life for cancer patients or bringing us Lady Gaga’s Bikram bootiness, yoga’s keeping folks alive in Somali pirate camps.



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  • Way to keep a positive attitude! I wonder how old they are….

  • Wicked boaty yogi demons! Right on~ 🙂

  • That is so cool.

  • It is really an amazing article on how the hostages managed to survive for such a long period of time in the captivity of the somali pirates, with the help of yoga. thanks for this wonderful article and looking forward for many such articles in the future.

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