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Pack Your Granola, Wanderlust Yoga and Music Fest Coming to VT in 2011

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Hey East Coasters, have you been pining for a yoga hoedown where you can salute the sun and shake your shakti to various live musical acts in harmonious rhythm? This is your hippie dream come true. Wanderlust will come to Vermont in 2011! Commence the patchouli incense burning now. OK, not everyone in VT is a hippie farmer artist. The others work at Ben & Jerry’s. Kidding!

Seriously though, if the wild west hasn’t worked for you the past 2 years, you will certainly be thrilled to hear 2011 will have two locations, a repeat of CA’s Squaw Valley July 28-31, and then east coast (east siiieede) at Stratton Ski Resort in VT a WHOLE MONTH earlier, June 23-26. Sorry Middle America, you’ll just have to choose sides.

Details to come on “yoga acts” and musical lineup, but we can bet there will be a good peck of talented YAMA representatives, and apparently Seane Corn, who’s already got both dates on her events calendar. Stay tuned.

Are you planning to pack your yoga mat bags for Wanderlust 2011?



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  • How do I find out about playing at this event? I live in the area and perform original music with several bands.

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