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Fitter. Happier. More Productive. Yoga Glut?

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Blame it on levitation! Yoga still surges ahead in the lingering recession. More studios are popping up every day and most are doing well under the pressures of a shallow-pocketed public still scrounging to save money, or in some cases, stay afloat while looking for a job. They may have passed on take out dinners for PBJ, but one thing folks are investing in? Self-care, and more specifically, yoga.

You may have noticed an increase in yoga news, yoga products, yoga classes and all around yoga speak lately. Heck, you’re reading yogadork aren’t you? Studies are showing that yoga helps with conditions like cancer, fibromyalgia, or scoliosis, and actually helps make people happier! And, hey, people love to be happy. What a boon! But is there too much yoga? Are we approaching a glut of yoga biz? An article in the Sun-Sentinel highlights the proliferation of yoga studios clustering in South Florida, posed in healthy competition  – like 12 new studios in 2 counties opening in the past year and a half.

Will they survive? Bring in the “yoga business consultant” Kate Saal.

“It’s like a great new restaurant,” she said. “You would never say there are too many great restaurants in your neighborhood. You know what you stand for and you differentiate yourself.”

But of course, not every flavor suits the the local palate, and not everyone can rake in enough $15-10 class fees, or donations to make a profit. To battle the glut there’s motivation to be different in order to stand out from yoga row. Hence all the hybrids and meditations on mutations cropping up! It’s nutty. But, we’re actually happy to see there will be more venues for the glut of yoga teachers graduating from training, for crying out loud.

Besides, there’s tons of yoga, but there’s tons of PEOPLE! So have no fear yogapreneurs, there are still about 292,00,000 or about 97% of the American population still not practicing yoga on a regular basis. Go get em!



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