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Nevermind, Lady Gaga Wears Her Underwear to Yoga Class

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Phew! What a relief, now we have proof Lady Yoga does not wear THIS to class.

Here she is panty partying with owner and director of Bikram Yoga Lower East Side Tricia Donegan.

Can you really argue with our theory now? Lady Gaga, making yoga studios famous one freaky fashion show at a time.

Another via fitperez.com, which apparently is real:



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  • Mark LaPorta

    Studios LOSE credibility by toying with Gaga.
    “Gaga stabilizes fluctuations in consciousness”? I think not.
    This is mere publicity.
    Celebs come and go. Yoga is eternal — in its most fundamental level.
    Tricia Donegan, enjoy your fame.

  • namaste to you

    Tricia is awesome regardless, maybe that’s why GAGA went to her & her studio. Seriously doubt that yoga studios are searching out “fame”

  • L

    yoga is not a fashion show….. we all know that. however, by lady gaga wearing her underwear to class she is, as always, looking for attention. i am beyond sure that she can afford a pair of little yoga shorts. if i saw a “regular” person in class wearing underwear and sunglasses to practice, i wouldn’t really feel they are there for the right reasons….. (unless they truly couldn’t afford/ didn’t know about wearing pants to class and had something wrong with their eyes that they had to wear sunglasses at all times.) 🙂

  • Julian

    Crap! I just got Hanes boy short things for my first class tomorrow morning. They look like shorts but they technically are underwear. They said wear something light. 🙂

  • Mark LaPorta of Roseland

    I must admit I found a pair of men’s knit boxer-briefs ( Stafford of Fruit of the Loom) that fit and stretch just perfect for yoga but I can’t bring myself to wear them in class. A little too “fit” for propriety.

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