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Celebriyogi Obsessed? Gavin Rossdale Snapped Shirtless IN Yoga Class!

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Uh oh…when does celebriyogi stalking go too far? Sneaky (citizen?) yogarazzi snapped a shot of sweatied rocker Gavin Rossdale mid-water break in Bikram class, and PopSugar posted it. Can’t this man live through tapas torture in peace? Hey, we appreciate juicy yoga-loving celeb gossip and hottie mcyogabody PDY (public displays of yoga), but dear Krishna no one deserves to be snapped IN the sanctity of yoga class, not even the worst mega pop stars.

When our Lady (of YogaPop) Gaga goes to class she makes a 12″ clodhopper production of it, and then poses in her underwear. Russell Simmons gets f*#@-ing zen on national TV. Britney Spears announces it to y’all on twitter! But one should be allowed to sweat their guts out on the yoga mat in peace, even if that sweat is probably worth more than all of our earthly possessions. We are clearly too celeb obsessed as a society, but keep personal yoga practice out of it ya hear?

Unless, UNLESS, this photo was leaked by the Gavin camp because oh you know, yoga is cool, and he also has a little reunion album coming out soon with Bush bandmates. In that case, let her rip! Where’s your Dandayamana – Dhanurasana, eh Gavin?



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  • The line of what is considered “personal life” for celebrities … and, to a certain extent, the entire public … is becoming nearly invisible!

  • #1, who’s Gavin Rossdale?

    #2, why should I care?

  • Dork,
    Saw the real photo online. Considered posting it, but had same concerns as you. Glad you didn’t.

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