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Hanuman Monkey Army Menaces Obama On Trip to India

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Remain alert! Hide your bananas! Hanuman’s army is descending on New Delhi!

OK, maybe not really, but there sure are a lot of stray monkeys swarming the streets! Task teams are out patrolling the city to keep thousands of these urban-dwelling, pesky fuzzballs out of President Obama’s business while he’s there this week.

The mischievous monkeys have been known to cause trouble, biting children and terrorizing government offices, and NOT doing brave acts of split-like yoga moves as one would hope and expect. While the critters are being captured and let go outside of city limits, nothing any more serious is being done since monkeys (see Hanuman) are highly revered in the country, and Hindu religion. Instead, officials have actually dispatched Langurs, a larger and fiercer species to keep the other troublemakers in check.

[Ed: Insert courageous Langur leaping photo here]



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  • a monkey walked into my room when I was at the Kumbh Mela this year…had my terrace door open….I froze. he was thisclose. a big sucker. he stole my orange, went into the bathroom, sat on the floor, and ate it. then he hopped up on the fireplace mantle where I had my guru’s photo and sat on him!

    it was a long 10 minutes. then he left.

    I can attest to the efficacy of yoga breathing while doing japa when a monkey is in your room.

  • admin

    haha.. Linda, I was so hoping you had a great monkey-related story. Was thinking of you when the post went up. Thanks for sharing!

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