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This Week In Yoga: History Making, Moguls Meditating, Lady Gaga’s Yoga Defying Feet

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Phew! It’s the first week of November and already we’ve been asked to cast history-making votes. Oh yes, there was a major election too! So here we are preparing for yet another year’s big finish. Whether you’re running for office, running in the NYC Marathon, ‘Running Russell Simmons’, or on the run to the sanctity of yoga class, please for the love of podiatrists DO NOT try it in Lady Gaga’s 12″ Bikram Booties.

Additional notes for celebration: 1. Happy Diwali! (essentially India’s “Christmas”) 2. Those in observance, don’t forget to set the clocks back an hour this weekend for Daylight Savings! yay!

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

YOU VOTED! And the Favorite Halloween Yogi is Graveyard Jeff! Congrats!!

More Yoga News On the Run:

  • Apparently, Obama is now on his Eat, Pray, Love tour [Wall Street Journal] Or he could’ve just waited for the DVD release which will be November 23rd.
  • Feel like a song? Or a few? Dear YD pal Nancy is hosting a giveaway to benefit her very close friend who was recently diagnosed with cancer. It’s easy to enter, just add a favorite song that makes you feel at peace, and you could help Nancy brighten the day for her dear friend, and be up to win a $25 iTunes gift card in the process. Go to flyingyogini.wordpress.com

Good luck marathoners! And marathon watchers 🙂

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