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Lady Gaga Caught Going To Bikram Wearing THIS

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Lady Gaga: How to make Bikram yoga even more torturous.

Oh we kid the Bikramites. There are so many fun captions! Lady Gaga does her Bikram with her boots on. Lady Gaga levitating on her way into yoga class.

Try it, it’s fun!

Our Lady of Yoga Pop steps out, over mountains apparently, on her way into Bikram class at Sohot in London on Wednesday, in a completely sensible outfit for yoga.

Oh sure they LOOK uncomfortable and dangerous, but Mama Gaga’s got a team of thai masseuses living in those shoes.  And that oversized maître d’ ensemble is surprisingly good at wicking away sweat. No confirmation on whether or not Bikram Choudhury will start marketing a patented Lady Bikram Platform Bootie next to the fridge of coco water.




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  • any woman who wears shoes that are so high or weird that she needs someone to help her walk in public, needs a therapist. can we say “issues”?

  • Wait, is “crazy” back in style? I didn’t get the memo! Lady Ga-me is more like it. Ewwwwwwwww

  • What is yoga pop please? This is disturbing for first thing in the morning. *hides under blanket*

    • Hey OmSweetOm, Yoga Pop — it’s like Bob Dylan going electric. I think it’s basically making something more appetizing to the mainstream, or making it more appetizing to the popular media who covet the mainstream (and sometimes win). I have more thoughts on Pop Yoga here:


  • Rock My Soles

    She is walking on yoga blocks……

  • omg.

  • Rock My Soles … good one … 🙂

  • Shanda

    LOL at Rock My Soles! That’s perfect!

  • I just looked at this and felt sad. It reminds me of how they hobbled the japanese woman. No difference, except she is doing it to herself. And look at her poor knees – girlfriend, get some moisterizer!

  • I love the expression on the face of the dude beside her. He looks like he’s embarrassed, having to (literally) support her crazy image, cause he knows it’s all to sustains her immense popularity.

  • Gaugs

    Didn’t McBikram say something about yoga in America being one big f^*%ed up circus? Send in the clones….

  • “It reminds me of how they hobbled the japanese woman.”

    that was the first thought that came to me, too! egads…..

  • yikes! that’s quite an outfit for yoga, isn’t it?! Is that what Lady GaGa did the class in too?

  • For real people..I am sure she changed once inside. If you have ever done Bikram you will agree.

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