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VOTE! For Your Favorite Halloween Yogi!

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It’s Election Day! Got out and VOTE!

Then come back here and vote for your favorite Halloween Yogi! We asked YD readers to photograph themselves doing yoga in costume, or in a yoga costume during Halloween shenanigans. We have our six finalists who need your votes to win an eKO SuperLite® Travel Mat Courtesy of Manduka and a $50 gift card to Drishti Yoga’s Online Shop!

Meet the contenders:

  • Ashley ‘Sookie Stackhouse’ Adho Mukha Vrksasana. She can serve it up(side down)!
  • Barbara the Iyengar Mummy. In Savasana, corpse pose of course!
  • Graveyard Jeff is Six-Feet Above Ground in Urdvha Padmasana in Sirsasana!
  • Lorianna dances by the spooky light of the harvest moon in Natarajasana!
  • Pamela ‘Leela’ fearlessly guides the Futurama ship with a one-eyed Trikonasana!
  • Is that a yoga mat? No it’s a Yoga Paul, in a sticky situation!

VOTE! In this election you have until Thursday night…winner announced on Friday!

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  • Common’. Where are the votes for Jeff? That’s funny. I guess he’ll have to start a negative ad campaign to win. You know, something like, “Ashley, Barbara, Lorianna, Pamela, and Paul all supported Obama’s government take over of health care,” or something like that.

    Bob W.

  • Blissful Girl

    I really like the Moonlight Dancer Pose, I think she has a noose around her neck! Very artistic and spooky!

  • I love one eyed trikonasana!

  • The second one is good. Its looks halloween

  • I would prefer providing my vote to the last one, who is scary for real.

  • Yogini#

    I voted for Jeff, because his asana is not perfect, and the setting is way funny …. (Jeff in effigy ..)

  • Incognito

    Jeff, get ready for take off

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