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Girl, 13, Defies Need for Scoliosis Surgery, Takes Up Yoga and Breakdancing Instead!

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A young girl diagnosed with scoliosis is standing a lot taller these days, thanks to yoga! At age 11 Mia Latham, of the UK, was told she had an S-shaped spine and would need an operation to insert metal rods to support her heart and lungs, or would be wheelchair bound.

Seeking alternatives to spinal fusion surgery, which would greatly reduce mobility, Mia began a regular yoga practice prescribed by the Scoliosis SOS clinic involving various balance exercises, including using wall bars, wooden poles and exercise balls. Now 13, Mia’s not only out of the operation woods, but she’s bending her body for breakdance moves! Hot dawg!

Though it should be noted, a spokesperson from Scoliosis Association (UK) says there’s no long-term evidence that this will prevent further curvature of the spine. However, Mia and her mom couldn’t be more thrilled with the profound results.

[Her mom]Louise, from Dawlish, Devon, said: ‘I am blown away with the progress Mia has made.

There is such a difference in her – her confidence has grown enormously.

Louise is now on a mission to bring her daughter’s story and awareness of options to the public:

The treatment Mia underwent is not currently available on the NHS – something which her mother is campaigning to change.

Louise added: ‘It’s disgraceful that most scoliosis patients don’t even know that the treatment Mia had is available.

‘Scoliosis affects up to four per cent of the population, and I can’t believe that more people aren’t able to help themselves like Mia has.’

Perhaps yoga isn’t the “cure” but it sure as savasana has the power to create positive change. We’ve seen it time and time again. And maybe most importantly, we’re seeing how yoga can offer an alternative or supplement to methods of surgery and medication, and their life-altering side effects. (exhale)

[DailyMail UK]

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  • Missy

    Last time I had then measured (maybe 4 years ago), my scoliosis curves had lessened by 5 degrees, and I have grown taller, too. My Dr. (a specialist running a research university’s spine clinic) was floored. More people should know about this and start working with kids when they are diagnosed. I didnt start yoga until I was about 30. So its not too late if you are older!

  • This is a great article! I hope more people realize how much yoga can help people suffering with scoliosis. I have many friends with scoliosis that take regular yoga classes and have had wonderful results!! Thanks for posting.

  • Angie Longer

    I just got out of surgery for scoliosis. It has been about 2 weeks now and the nurses and doctor told me I got out early and am moving around fast for a couple weeks after the surgery. I am 12 years old and healed faster because I was young. Having 3 teachers coming to my house for a program called “Home Bound”. I went to a hospital called Children’s Hospital Of Philadelphia. My spine was curved to a 60%. I also had the best doctor in the East coast.

    • Angie Longer

      I got alot taller too

  • Yoga is a natural cure for most disorders. I think Mia has had her trust on Yoga and it has helped her a lot.

  • Mark LaPorta

    Yoga has further complicated my medical practice because I see how it makes so many standard interventions — of many types– unnecessary.

    When someone comes to me and says “I have this…” (especially when it’s not objectifiable (Head it off!) I wish they’d take my suggestion to start yoga. I’ve even offered to pay for the first two classes for my patients who were in a chronic pain practice.

    I’ve seen many women with lesser scoliosis and kyphosis who have made any further treatment unncessary.

    The whole concept of disease is a disease.

    Professionalizing a problem is a hazard in itself.

  • Love this! If only I had known about yoga at this age…or if only I had even known I HAD scoliosis way back when. Alas, at least I have found yoga now! And I have also just found your blog, wonderful! I wrote about my back today as a matter of fact! Please feel free to check it out and I will keep checking out your blog!

    Here’s to better backs, and everything else, through yoga!

  • What a beautiful story. I’m a yoga teacher and massage therapist and have had the pleasure of watching amazing positive changes like this happen in my students as well.

    Core strength and flexibility not only slow down the progress in issues such as scoliosis, kyphosis and hyper lordosis, but they can begin to correct them… which is incredible!

  • Oh how I wish I would have known about yoga when I was a teenager and diagnosed with scoliosis. I suffered through several years of junior high and high school wearing a back brace. I would have much rather been sporting black stretchy pants and doing the downward dog.

    Louise from Dawlish Devon – rock on and spread the word about the amazing benefits of yoga for young girls with scoliosis.

    I didn’t find yoga until my 40s and my back has never felt better!

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