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This Week In Yoga: Britney Spears, A-Rod Yoga Demons Just Like Us!

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Congrats everybody! You survived one more week of being a yogademon! Haven’t you heard? We’re all going to hell. And Britney Spears and Jim Belushi will be sweating right alongside us, as we kick back into chaturanga doom! (because everyone can do chaturanga kickbacks in yogi hell. how wonderful!) Which reminds us, it’s a fool moon tonight so get your “tha” on and have yourself some moon salutations. OR, howl at the moon, cause, you know… whichever you prefer.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Other Beastly News:

  • Ugh. Just what we need, another story about yoga and sexual assault. Except this time, it was a repair man pretending to be a yoga master, and the “yoga poses” were just disgusting acts of abuse and violation.  [read more]
  • Uh oh, has A-Rod dumped Cameron Diaz for a pretty blonde yoga teacher/cocktail waitress? “I taught him yoga a couple of times,” Laurel Henley told Page Six. Don’t worry, they’re only having drinks and “not having sex”; obviously maintaining the student teacher boundaries. [NYPost]
  • So some Hindus are voicing objections over objectification and sexualization of yoga for Playboy, including everyone’s favorite pundit Rajan Zed. We say, they’re just about a year late to the Naked Yoga Bunny Party. [read more]



This Week In Yoga: Super Rich, Super Powers, Super Yoga-Saving Heroes!

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  • I alway impress my friends with how informed and up-to-date I am. I owe it all to Yoga Dork.

    Bob W.

  • Yoga has clearly reached a level of global ultrapopularity. Big money, lots of bandwagon jumping and endorsements from famous people.

  • Sometimes you hear that any publicity is good publicity, but I think some of these stories indicate how inaccurate that is for some issues/things/people.

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