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Britney Spears: Let’s Get Spiritual With Yoga!

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Britney, Britney, Britney! Are we to believe the troubled pop princess is ready to shed her demons and be our celebriyogi angel of light? Britney Spears wants to get spiritual y’all, with yoga! Or so @britneyspears announced Tuesday to her 6.1 million twitter followers and over 5 million fans on facebook.

britney-spears-yoga-twitter-101910Is she hopping on the Yoga Pop train? Too early to tell. Plus, we heard she adopted the practice a few years ago to lose weight post-pregnancy. We’re just glad her PDY wasn’t something more like “I’m going to yoga for tighter buns, y’all!”

So far 11,377 people “liked” this on facebook, and you can go ahead and read all 1,887 comments and counting if you like.

Or, here are some of our favorites:

Mira Janjetovic: I was just 4 days ago thinking the same…. 😀

Jenny Ha: It’s great for your health… BTW, I like your sexy body before u have babies…. :))))

Marco Milan: You should! And write a song about it! 🙂

Denmar Ong: body and mind workout. go for it!

Kamal Sharma: what about consulting Mr. Ramdev…

Melissa Dawn: Brit…. Try some lunar salutations! When the moon is full, absorb her energy for a quiet calm. Best wishes!

Leah Hatch: Yoga has been very helpful for me with mind, body, spirit, & just overall well-being. I hope you get the chance to practice. I’ve loved you & your music since the beginning, Britney. Stay wonderful. Namaste.

Mel Salvador: I’m a Bikram Yoga teacher. Anytime you want to takes class or a private- let me know. Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sting have all practiced Bikram. Anytime.

Eddie Stieger: Yoga is cool. Please dont cut your hair off again.

What would YOU say to Brit Brit?

(is it bad we’re hoping for a little yogarazzi shot a la Jim Belushi? We’d settle for old standby vrksasana!)

Britney Spears, going to hell with the rest of us! phew.



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  • I agree with Eddie, “Yoga is cool. Please don’t cut your hair off again.”
    Made me LOL .. for a looonng time. 🙂

  • Yay! To hell in a handbasket, er…yoga mat bag with the rest of us!

  • i can already hear her next hit (to the tune of ONJ’s “physical”): “spiritual… let’s get spiritual, spiritual, let me hear your soulbody talk, soulbody talk…”

    anyway, i hope she does get into it, and i hope that yoga will give her some sort of inner peace, self-acceptance and independence…

  • I like how she said “Let’s get Spiritual”, much like someone would say “Let’s get some pizza!”.

  • Chris

    Britney, I certainly hope that Yoga can help you get it together, because, Baby, when you were with the program, you were Oh so good !

    Nobody has ever done the Pop Princess thing as superbly as Britney.

  • Yoga is owned by none and belongs to everyone. YES…. to Brittany Spears also…. get over yourself if you have criticism about it.

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