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Jim Belushi Dazzles Paparazzi With Yoga Moves! (video)

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Holy crow is Jim Belushi a yogadork! What do you do when the paparazzi only want to snap shots of the pretty faced Naomi Watts’ and Jessica Biel’s of the world? Whip out your yoga! And a cigar apparently. Monday on “Lopez Tonight” Mr. Jim revealed his attention-grabbing methods and demonstrated some not-so-secret moves on set: like Bakasana and Warrior III! With a cigar of course.

Not only did he perform crow, he jumped back into chaturanga! AND he automatically glided into updog. Total yogadork! Check out the bonus back roll extension at the end. Did we mention he’s 56? Hot dawg!

Could this be a trend? We’ve seen the posed yoga shots of Snooki and Kim Kardashian. Where’s Lindsay Lohan’s natarajasana? Lady Gaga’s urdhva dhanurasana? We hereby challenge you! This could bring a whole new meaning to the word celebriyogi.



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  • amy

    I have new respect for the lucky sperm club.

  • the top photo reminds me of my ex when he was drunk and fell down the stairs, that’s the position he landed in….

    did I mention he’s my EX?

  • Shanda

    I LOVE it! Although the cigar could probably have been left behind… it does add a humorous effect

  • the Lopez video was great — the Belushi brothers grew up in Chicago area (about 20 minutes from me)…..Chicago peeps rock da house, always!

  • Cigar Yoga…a new hybrid? 🙂

  • Missy

    OMG, even Jim Belushi can jump back and I still can’t! 😉

  • Ha ha, I had the same thought, Missy. But have you been able to take a year off and practice? Me neither! 🙂

  • Wow. He handled crow quite well for an old guy. I was even more impressed with the backward somersault up onto his feet!

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