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This Week In Yoga: Super Rich, Super Powers, Super Yoga-Saving Heroes!

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And then we all got super rich and lived happily ever after in our samadhi huts! Kicking back, sipping nectar of the gods through designer yogi straws, which were churned through mass production and became a runaway hit at $175 a pop. Great success! Or maybe we shunned commercialization in the name of aparigraha and became greed-fighting Booty Ballet blasting Yoga Saviors! It’s been that kind of week.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

Other Money in the Bank:

  • Chris Biggins was shocked by her diagnosis of Stage 3 breast cancer. Others have been shocked by her strength, with great thanks to yoga:  “I did it by myself, I just walked in, and did it,” she said.  “But when I went home, I was able to put the dishes away, and I thought, oh my God, it gave me some energy.  I found my spirit again.” [read more]
  • Do you follow Canadian football? We don’t either, but seeing the Toronto Argonauts tackle yoga would at least get you curious, eh? [read more]
  • Oh hey, remember Baba Ramdev? He’s the mega-yogapreneur pranayama-ing mastermind, who may join politics in 2 years. No biggie. [read more]

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