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Russell Simmons, Super Rich, Super Mogul, Super Yogi TV Star: Are We Sure We Like This Image?

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“The show @runningrussell and the book remind us of our Atman (higher self) are we sure we like this image?” says @UncleRUSH

Via his website GlobalGrind,
“The upcoming docu-series “Running Russell Simmons” series offers an exclusive peek at the life of Russell Simmons — entrepreneur, entertainment and fashion icon, philanthropist and yogi –and the powerful team who help to keep the machine running.

Finally a dude representing…albeit a super rich one. As the the mogulriffic hip-hop/fashion/yogapreneur, Russell Simmons, gears up for a TV show AND book launch, he asks us all if we’re sure we like this image. Well that’s a loaded and interesting question as yoga becomes ever more popular amongst celebrities and we, less bling-y folks, alike. The Russell Simmons media machine may be one of the brightest spotlights to shine on yoga practice as a way of life, that we’ve seen yet. Is yoga ready for its close up?



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  • monique r.

    why is this blog so bitter?

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