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This Week In Yoga: It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane…It’s

in This Week in Yoga

It’s a new moon! Rejoice! Whatever that means for you, let it mark a new awakening to life, love, happiness, laughter at YogaDawg getting naked for Bud! Seriously, if you’ve been feeling the tug of cosmic frustration like an astronomical pain the asana, we feel you. Hang in there. Just take a good glance up at the sky and see if you can’t find your perspective back here down on Earthly ground. Maybe some of you folks in the countryside can take in some of that extra celestial magic for us. (image above via gizmodo depicting visibility difference between the city and rural sky)

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

More Cyberspacey UYO’s:

  • Leonardo DiCaprio attempts yoga and/more mocks Naomi Campbell’s boyfriend. You decide. [Daily Mail]
  • Treehugger has a handy guide on choosing eco yoga mats. [read more]
  • The New York Times says people in NY are like ‘eff that, who needs a mat?’
  • Or maybe we should get pink and purple ones, as Ann Pizer suggests, for Breast Cancer Awareness Month! [about.com]

Have a loverly weekend!

Remember to check back for another installment of YD Goes to Yoga School!



This Week In Yoga: Yo’s and Bros, Buds and Suds

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