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Yoga Spectacular Opens Commonwealth Games in India, Next Up Super Bowl?

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YogaDorks Around the World:
If you haven’t already viewed this, it’s a sight! Earlier this week the 2010 Commonwealth Games kicked off in India (kinda like the Olympics, but for the Commonwealth of Nations aka former British Empire). Among the opening ceremony spectacles was a ‘Padma Asana’ yoga presentation performed by 900 Delhi school kids!

Besides the physical display of yoga – and spiral formations to depict kundalini –  we hear there’s some pranayama slipped in there somewhere too.

India included the performance as an artistic demonstration of their heritage, something they have been passionately trying to preserve. The Guru running the show, master yogapreneur Baba Ramdev, has been spearheading the initiative to bring yoga back to Indians as a regular practice. At the same time the Indian government is working diligently to digitalize every single bit of yoga history the country has ever produced in the Traditional Knowledge Digital Library. Geez, it’s like they think someone is drinking their yoga milkshake er something.

Speaking of, we have to wonder, with controversy surrounding Bikram’s competitive bent on yoga, how do you think yoga “performances” like this differ?

Just imagine…what would it be like to see a yoga performance, at say, the Super Bowl?



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  • I believe that performances are much different than competitions. Performances (like this one) are meant to show the beauty & spectacular-ness of yoga. Competition, on the other hand, is just that – a competition; folks trying to be better than other folks … that’s not what yoga is about.

  • Awesome. I’m getting one of they gold yoga suits. Then they won’t mess with me when I show up in yoga class….

  • there is too much controversy about these games to get too excited about this. http://www.tehelka.com/story_main47.asp?filename=hub091010We_Who.asp

  • Fascinating. Thanks for posting.

    Bob W.

  • its like dream come true for india we are proud to be an indian…

  • Scott

    Video is private now. Can’t see it. Oh well.

  • technicolordog

    It was spectacular and a great show- just as well probably because they were still laying the athletics track at the time. The track was only finished a couple of hours before the first race.
    Its been a mixed event so far with many swimmers missing the event because of infamous Dehli belly.

  • vid is private….. can we find a public link?

  • Too bad the video is no longer viewable. I would have liked to see it. I agree the earlier post about performance vs. competition. Yoga is after all also an art. B.K.S Iyengar says “When I practice, I am a philosopher, When I teach, I am a scientist, When I demonstrate, I am an artist.” Art is meant to be seen.

  • admin

    updated video!

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