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YogaDawg Goes Nude for Bud

in YD News, YogaHaha

YogaDawg joins the naked yoga trend with his latest RARE bare dawg bottom shilling for brews. Where’s your beer yoga mat dawg?



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  • i love love love this. long live yogadawg!

  • “You know it’s art because it’s black and white…” Hahaha

  • admin

    my favorite part too 🙂

  • This is terribly disappointing. I always thought of YogaDawg as one who set the trends, not followed them like sheep, just going along with what everyone else is doing.

    Bob W.

  • Tsk, tsk. Much as I love YD, I can’t help but think . . . sell out. What’s next, Absolut Dawg?

  • I tell you, waxing all that fur off was murder…

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