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Mad Men “Yogi” Moment (video)

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Ack. Peggy had a “Yogi” moment on Sunday night’s Mad Men (season 4, episode 11) and it was…super awkward! Fully swinging in the ’60s now, we’re seeing all the evidence creeping up at Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce, where Peggy’s spiriting the beatnik/hippie culture. We love this yogi reference as a sign of the changing times, and how it somehow plays into being an alternative method to relaxation (the characters are notorious for gratuitous office drinking!) even if it is for Stan’s totally creepy come on. But Peggy’s feminine power prevails.

May we recommend you DO NOT try this technique on your students. Just a note.

*SPOILER* Obviously, if you haven’t watched the episode and don’t want to spoil it, you may want to wait.

UPDATE: The video has been taken down, but the synopsis goes like this: Things get intense when Peggy is prepping to pitch an ad campaign for Playtex gloves and Stan decides to show her some relaxation moves he learned “from a yogi.” This involves blowing “cool wind” into her face and taking the opportunity to kiss her. Not a real yoga move, and not really OK, Stan. Peggy recovers well, as per usual.

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  • The strangest part is that then they just go back to doing what they were doing, as if nothing happened!

    Bob W.

  • Shanda

    Wait, wasn’t there something she was supposed to be leaving to do?

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