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Download New Hip Hop Single “Yoga” by Emcee Jesse Abraham

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And then yoga took over hip hop! OK, not quite. But we’ve seen the likes of Common Jay-Z and 50 Cent give shout outs, and even Eminem dabbled for Recovery. So rappers aren’t exactly traipsing around in Om bling and gold studded mat slings. Not yet! But check out this new single “Yoga” from emcee Jesse Abraham‘s latest project and see if you don’t feel the yoga-rapa-revolution on its way.

To get the gist of the track, here’s what Jesse has to say:

“It was fun to write a song about Yoga. The discipline that strives to assist in the attainment of perfect spiritual tranquility, is a sublime act of physical and spiritual grace. This song respectfully pays homage to this subject area, as well as coitus. ”

Stick with it through the second verse.

My girl she be doin’ yoga.

So now she bending and twisting, perfecting precision.
She looked at me and I said “I respect your fitness”
She got persistent. I’m lucky enough to be a witness.
But I’m acting like a Jewish kid on Christmas, what is this?
Enough of this distance
Ready or not here I come
But I didn’t stretch enough so I think that I sprained my thumb

Listen to it here or download the mp3 (right-click and save)‘Yoga’ – Jesse Abraham

This is the first single from unsigned hip hop artist Jesse Abraham’s Bars and No Bull Mixtape, produced by Spills, due out October 12th via DJBooth.



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  • Hahaha this is awesome!

  • Quality Control

    How about shining the spotlight on what’s NOT nasty, snarky , commercial, derivative with the word yoga attached to it? A friend linked to your MJ tribute & then i saw this—-and i’m sorry. Don’t have to go to a yoga site to hear leaden rap or see people trying to make money off of MJ–hard enough to avoid . Wondering why this site isn’t called Yoga Snark.

  • admin

    dear quality control, thanks for taking the time to comment. you are right, you do not have to go here at all, though not sure why you find this to be nasty.
    perhaps you might explore the site and enjoy these other posts.
    Yoga Helps Brits Bring Students Back to PE
    Parking Tickets, Now With Yoga Instructions!

    if not, thanks for stopping by!

  • I totally agree with Quality Control. For serious yoga content please feel free to visit my site. Down with Yoga Snark!

  • Haha this song is funny!

  • I agree with YogaDawg. For the proper serious and traditional approach to Yoga, YogaDawg.com is the place you want to be.

    The rap music was hilarious, in the sense that I couldn’t believe it wasn’t written for Saturday Night Live! Can’t wait for the video.

    Unlike Quality Control, I love the fact that you tirelessly work the media world to make sure we don’t fall behind on all the important yoga developments like this.

    Many thanks, YogaDork.

    Bob Weisenberg

  • Brian

    I’m trying not to be judgmental, but that was so awful…

  • I love this 🙂 I am always happy to see it when yoga hits in the mainstream in meaningful ways.

    (Linked to you off of my blog friend! Love reading yours 🙂 )

  • Yogini3

    To Quality Control– Yogadork and Yogadawg serve a purpose in this overly commercialized (expensive!) yoga world. When Consumer Reports has not done systematic surveys of yoga studios (yet!) and yet yoga classes are run, for the most part, in the most mercenary fashion. (unless you could be the recipient of noblesse oblige efforts, i.e. a rape victim, an inmate, on skid row, in a shelter) – you have to know what to look for not to waste your hard earned working class (non-pothead, non-drug dealer) cash!

    For over two years, YogaDork and Yoga Dawg have served me well, given me an idea what to look for in yoga studios, and have saved me from being rooked out of even hundreds more dollars.

    Now that yoga is going mainstream and reaching more populations that can ill afford classes, I hope they, too, can read between the snark and glean what to look for in this yoga world.

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