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Six-Pack Yoga: Presenting the Beer Yoga Mat!

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Thirsty? Riddle us this, what’s the best accompaniment to a pretzel-y bending yoga class? Why this 64 calorie beer-colored yoga mat that can be yours for just $32! Precisely the motivation you need mid-chaturanga. We’ve discussed weed and yoga class before, but put on your goggles, it’s beer-asana time!

Miller Genuine Draft has really fallen off its bar stool with this one. Kinda looks like an oversized can koozie, which, hilariously, sits in their webstore between other novelty treasures like MGD64 lip gloss and a beer-branded exercise ball.

Cause you know, it’s the super duper light beer, the one with those silly commercials and a campaign that’s somehow tied in with keeping fit. They even have a pedometer iphone app! That’s cool,we get it, the beer for fitness buffs, and suds-guzzling yogis? Though, truth be told, this would make a totally awesome (ironic) stocking stuffer for our uncle.

We’ve seen other companies like JetBlue join the yoga-branding craze. Who’s next? How about a Hooters yoga mat? Spam? Marlboro!

Thanks to @Frenzy36 for the heads up on this amazing find.



Namaste Mary J, Welcome to Pot Yoga Class

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  • Don’t forget to buy YogaDawg’s upcoming book: Smashed, Crocked, Savasana – The beer lovers guide to yoga.

  • I hear that lots of people want to join me in my cave in India……

  • Kai

    I wouldn’t be a bit surprised to hear that Coca Cola is the next to jump on this bandwagon, if they haven’t already. *eye roll*

  • but does it come in PBR?

  • Missy

    I wouldnt feel self-conscious at all if I practiced on that at my local studio.

  • I think beer yoga mats are great in principle. But it’s got to be a really high quality local micro-brew brand, like Milwaukee Ale House or Lakefront Brewery.

    Otherwise it just cheapens the yoga.

    Bob W.

  • Thanks for the shout out of the book, Charlotte

    Everyone, please join me with the tie in workshop called Yoga, Beer, Doritos (Yoga, Wine, Chocolate is so yesterday). It will cover:

    1. Chugging your 42 ouncer mindfully
    2. Ripping open that Dorito bag non-violently
    3. Staggering in asana gracefully
    4. What to do when you don’t the name of that person who ends up next to you on your mat after Savasana

    And More

  • I think I just found the perfect way to pay for my YTT. I’m going to sell advertising space on my yoga mat! Any takers?

  • All wise yogis have senses of humor. So smile and laugh.

  • I’m actually kind of shocked that Vitamin Water and other high-fructose-filled “health drinks” didn’t think of this first. At least they don’t say Empty Your Mind, Fill Your Beer Glass. (Though your uncle might like that!) And who’s making the custom mats for Miller? Any idea?

  • I’m surprised it’s taken this long for advertisers to get on the mat.

  • whateverbringsonetounityisapath

    More amazing finds:

    “Cocoa Puff Yoga Pants” (on Amazon)
    “McDonalds 15 minute Yoga Workout” (on Amazon)

  • Ha ha! Think I’d prefer an image of a Flame Grilled Whopper on my Yoga mat…just so I think only pure thoughts during the class.

  • It’s an amazing post in support of all the internet people; they will take benefit from it I am sure.

  • I do actually think a Marlboro yoga mat would be highly inappropriate yet hilarious at the same time.

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