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Jersey Shore Yoguidette: Snooki Yoga! (photos)

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Oh look, it’s Snooki doing yoga! We know you were waiting for this one, ever since JWoww exposed her fondness just a little while back. ‘Jersey Shore’ Italian princess Snooki joins her yoguidette lady friend in the ancient practice of yoga. Just a regular, casual NJ park practice with sneakers and a photo crew.

Oh Snooks, you know, it’s just too easy to pass judgment. Can. not. look. away.

She even does crane pose! Though not the one you might expect…

(source DailyMail)



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  • ashley

    please say it isnt soo.. how did these kids get famous!

  • wow. her new yoga dvd will be coming out next week.
    ” snookie does savasana. “

  • Meredith LeBlanc

    No judgement. but sadly now I’m blind.

  • jay

    Did she smoke between poses?

  • monique r

    this is toooo GOOD! thank u for this!

  • that’s a joke, right?

  • T

    She is so nasty like watching a 55 gallon drum do yoga yuk our generation is effed.

  • David


  • d.

    You have become the US weekly of yoga blogs.

  • Christopher

    Yep, the US weekly of yoga blogs and that’s not a compliment.

  • Mandy

    Yep, the US weekly of yoga blogs and
    that IS a compliment.

  • I’m not sure where to begin. When did the Karate Kid become a yoga pose?!

  • come on! give the Dork a break! She’s just tellin’ it the way it is.
    i wish i was so on top of it and posting all it is about yoga.

    what the hell is US weekly? and if you know- how can you dis The Dork?

  • Shanda

    Inhale into Waxonasana
    Exhale into Waxoffasana

  • I can’t. I mean, I could, but I won’t, and I shouldn’t, so I’m going to just say I can’t.

  • Well… ok then

  • I’m with Darla. Fun. That’s all. No harm, all good, yoga hits the lamestream!

  • Mark LaPorta

    Italian? I think not.

    An entire civilzation is barfing.

  • toni

    Hey – do you all belong to some exclusive yoga club? No need to be mean.

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