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Parking Tickets, Now With Yoga Instructions!

in YD News

Mad about your parking ticket? Don’t flip your sh%*, flip your ticket and relax, with yoga! Cambridge, Mass. traffic patrol is now handing out parking tickets with yoga instructions on the back. Ha!

The initiative is part of a public art project by artist-in-residence Daniel Peltz, and some 40,000 have been printed up with yoga poses and simple instructions on the back. That’s a lot! But when you consider that Cambridge parking enforcement officers write up about 340,000 tickets per year, will only a percentage of offenders react with a deep exhale and forward bend?

Susan Clippinger, the city’s transportation chief, tells the Boston Herald the purpose of the tickets is to “debunk the idea that all parking tickets are a hostile action.”

So far Cambridge folks are not amused. You know, this is a fine gesture and all, and maybe people will actually take the advice, but they might have better luck plastering the back with “just kidding!”

via Associated Press

Here’s (kinda blurry) pic of the actual ticket

Links: Check out the NPR interview with Lillian Hsu of the Cambridge Arts Council, the organization behind it all: read/listen here



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  • Good old Cambridge own (my fair city). Reminds me of the action to “ticket” SUVs a few years back. I doubt that most of the ticketed found it funny, although I would love to find one on my car.

  • Dig this….

  • b. kind

    the irony here, is that my local yoga studio is located in an urban setting with 30min and 1hr on street parking. if the parking officers are on the prowl, clearing the mind for savasana becomes a whole new challenge.

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