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The Real Yogi Bear Exists! She Lives in Finland (photos)

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She won’t steal your pic-a-nic basket, but she could steal your heart. awww. Did we need this today or what?

Meet Santra, the Yoga Bear who mesmerized Finland’s Ahtari Zoo goers with a 15 minute yoga practice!

Says astounded bystander Meta Penca who snapped the shots, via UK’s Daily Mail:

‘It was exactly the same as when you see people do yoga – easy, slow, focused and calm.’

‘She looked pretty into it, a really straight face, no looking around just very serious and calm and kept her eyes slightly opened and focused.’

‘She looked like she didn’t notice us at all.’

Scroll down for more pics of incredible yogadorableness.

And here’s more. A fun video we found on youtube of another “yoga bear”.

And, lest we leave out the cuteness of polar yoga bear.



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  • Adorable … and much needed cuteness. Thanks!!

  • these pics are super cute… and also so fake! they look totally photoshopped. as much as i love the idea of a captive bear doing some yoga stretches, i don’t buy this. but it would probably make a great calendar.

  • The wonderful world of yoga. Thanks for the smile.

  • admin

    I dunno Roseanne, these pics are in fairly reputable papers, and after seeing this video I gotta believe it’s real! (also added to post above)
    though cute either way I spose 🙂

  • If you watch animals wake up and through out the day you’ll see that they stretch alot. It’s something we humans need to do more often.

  • Niina

    There was a tv-interview of the animal attendant who takes care of the bears in Ähtäri-zoo and she said that Mimmi, Santra’s daughter does yoga often in the morning. She also said that Mimmi has learned these yoga-positions from her already passed away mother who apparently learned that her streching happened to amuse the animal attendants because she got rewarded doing it. So the photos are actually of Mimmi, not Santra. Mimmi has taught this skill to her cubs as well. So the pics are real.

  • Buy that bear a Black Manduka mat.

  • Sorry Roseanne, I have seen these bears doing Yoga and they live in Ranua Zoo in Finland http://www.ranuazoo.com/English/Summer/Front_page.iw3

  • Sorry in Ähtäri not in Ranua http://www.ahtarinelainpuisto.fi//in_english

  • admin

    haha.. beliiieve!

    and yes, someone please sponsor that bear with stretchy yoga pants. what are we, animals?

  • haha, okay i believe that bears stretch! but i don’t believe that those pics haven’t been altered.

    “reputable papers” … like the Daily Mail? well, the Guardian ran the story too. 😉

  • Helena Sutinen

    Roseanne, why those pictures wouldn’t be real, when you too admit that bears stretch?
    Lovely and wonderful pictures!

    Animals surprise us being more humanlike than we can think. Is that fake or can we believe it?

  • I was so disappointed to find this post on your blog, since Im a great fan of yours. In our self-absorbed human ignorance, I have yet to see a single blogger note the comments made by an authority on animal behaviour alongside this news story that in fact, the poor animal is trying to maintain some semblance of sanity due to being imprisoned for our delight and entertainment. Wake up people.

  • dani dain kel iur sabri

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