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Lady Gaga Will Make Your Yoga Studio Famous

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Lady Gaga is on a yoga tour de force! Literally. Forget the concerts, LG is sweeping the nation one yoga studio at a time, and she could be stopping at yours! She may even tweet about it, or mention it on stage.

Ever since we got the exclusive photo of Ms. YoGaga in Cleveland, we’ve seen a steady stream of media coverage over where the lingerie clad ‘little monster’ momma has turned up on the mat last.  The recent stop? Bikram Yoga Capitol Hill! Where Gaga palled around with the owner’s daughter (see above photo), and took a class with… everyone else! And which was reported everywhere from gossipgirls.com to the Washington Post. BIG news!

But according to witnesses the other students hardly noticed her. What? You thought sharp-focused yogis would gawk at a mega pop star sweating her glitter off in a “sort of lingerie, could have been a bathing suit” getup in front of a huge mirror where you can see yourself and everyone else in the class? Dharana man!

Granted a lot of yogis are half-naked in Bikram anyway, but how do you not notice the gal in fake eyelashes, a 3-part entourage and bowling balls for shoes? (note: she supposedly goes the normal barefoot. borrrring, but, uh, probably safer).

Side note: with all the YogaPop we’re still somewhat fascinated by the lack of yogarazzi intel. Seriously, where’s the stake out crew from TMZ?

Anyway, like we said before the Gaga endorsement could beat out Elvis. Studio owners take note: Lady Gaga is an equal opportunity celebriyogi and it looks like attention for her cross country yoga stops might be worth her weight in Steve Alexander McQueen gowns. Oh, we know, she’s just another student, blah, etc. Just don’t forget to snap a picture.




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    Did she do Bikram in a meat outfit? Wouldn’t that be cool to have grease exuding from her yoga outfit?

  • Okay, I don’t care what you say, seeing her in front of a yoga poster in a yoga studio mugging for one of her little monsters, is Yoga Cool. New yoga style alert everyone. F’ Slim, Calm, Sexy. We got Gaga Yoga!!

  • lizzy

    i love her & bikram. and she is drinking a vita coco.

  • Elizabeth

    Err…do you mean Alexander McQueen gowns? Unless the old Hollywood actor was a lot more fabulous than I thought…

  • admin

    haha. yes elizabeth. so glad someone got that bit, even if just a touch off.

    just a smidge 😉

  • hal


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