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Watch Bikram-Produced Bappi Lahiri Michael Jackson Tribute Feat. Rajashree Choudhury

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We warned you of this. Here it is, “Don’t Say Goodbye” the Bappi Lahiri tribute to Michael Jackson featuring Rajashree Choudhury! Oh, and reportedly co-produced by none other than Bikram Choudhury himself. It’s like yoga to your ears, tapas style! And believe us when we say, the video will bring you to tears.

So there you have it, the Disco King joins the Yoga King for the King of Pop. It’s magnificent, really.



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  • 44 seconds was enough for me….

  • Adrienne

    No, seriously, was that a joke?

  • NO. Way. Really?

  • ashley

    Isnt there a law about kids having to do this kind of work?? This is so horrible.. its like a bad chirstmas song

  • wow! this is too awesome!

  • Can we say, Bollywood.

  • this is the worst. all those children look as if they are trying to escape from a glass box (mime-style). and those poorly fitting jackets! the worst of the worst was the Rajashree bit at the end… ok. it’s too hard to choose a “worst”.

  • Rock My Soles

    Bling bling bling……. What a train wreck musically and in a fashion sense. Where is Michael’s dad to cash in on it too?

  • Mary J

    Bikram and Michael Jackson were very good friends. Bikram’s name is mentioned in the Thank You section of Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album…one of the all time best selling albums ever.
    Bikram was devastated when Michael passed away. He still keeps in contact with the family.
    Bappi is a Living Legend in India and a close family friend to Bikram.
    I believe the video was cathartic….an attempt at expressing their love and sorry for Michael.

  • Say whatever you want about Bikram or the song or the video… any time I hear Raj’s voice I am instantly calm. I adore her.

  • Tonita Eichert

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