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This Week in Yoga: Bikram Goes Billionaire Bollywood, Everybody Must Get Stoned (In Yoga Class)

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Let’s hear it for short weeks! Did you go back to school? Back to work? Back to yoga? In any case, welcome back. Here we are in September, it’s time to roll! If you were thinking roll a joint, then you must’ve been keeping up with the yoga news this week.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

  • Light ’em up, it’s pot yoga class! Namaste Mary J. Read more
  • Read the YD Interview with Neal Pollack on his new book Stretch, how to do yoga and still be a smartass, oh and how to smoke a doob, or 3, in headstand. Read more
  • Bikram is in talks with billion dollar investors to “grow the highly franchised yoga business into a well-managed global industry” and essentially be bigger than Elvis. We’re hoping it’s pre-Vegas druggy Elvis. Read more

Pass the Dutchie… Other Yoga News on the Interwebs:

  • The lingering Graspin’ Aspen case may soon come to a close, mercifully. The trial began yesterday for Steven Jon Roger who’s fighting two misdemeanor charges of unlawful sexual contact – basically fondling female yoga students in class. According to lawyerly opening statements on Thursday, two additional women will testify to being groped. Roger’s defense is that the adjustments were just that, adjustments and not inappropriate. Should he be convicted Mr. R must register as a sex offender and could face up to 3 years in prison. Who knows which is worse. Stay tuned for more YD coverage! (CBS4Denver.com)
  • Remember Lululemon? Oh come on, yes you do. Yeah, well they’re still raking in loads of dough. New fiscal year revenue projection: $645-$650 million. (WSJ.com)
  • To follow that thought, yogi blogger Brooks Hall has a post on elephant journal shedding light on the whole Kathryn Budig, sexy yoga ad pop star ordeal in a compassionate and sort of strange apologetic way for being critical, that starts like this… “I Like Kathryn Budig. I like Tara Stiles. I don’t know them personally, but I’m fascinated by them. At the beginning of George W. Bush’s presidency, I…”

aaand that’s a wrap. Have a great weekend!

Don’t forget to check back for another installment of YD Goes to Yoga School!

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  • Some depressing yoga news this week for sure, but it goes down a bit easier thanks to your remarkable wit. You have a way of mocking bad taste that is hilarious.

    My husband is taking me to see Soul Kitchen tonight at the movie theater. The trailer divulges a scene containing yoga, hopefully more yoga than in a certain recent movie where the starlet roled out her mat and gave up.

    Good luck with your training! I am looking forward to an upcoming (reasonably priced!) Master class with Deborah Williamson.


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