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Cutest Downward-Facing Cat Ever (video)

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In the ‘hey that’s cute!’ file comes the downward-facing cat! We so needed this today.

Ever fallen asleep in downdog? headstand? adho mukha cat-asana? at your desk-asana? 😉 This is your video. Enjoy!



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  • Amazing balance…Love it! Especially the yawn.

  • sweetness!

  • ahhhh, too freakin’ cute! of course it’s from japan, land of über-cuteness. i have fallen asleep in countless restorative postures… but never in a balancing pose. or on a balcony railing!

  • I’ll say it again like I’ve said it before:

    What on earth would we do without YogaDork?

    Bob W.

  • One: the video is uber-cute 😀 I think that is truly the strangest position I have ever seen a cat fall asleep in.

    Two: The pose looks a bit more like Malasana (Garland Pose) … I’m not sure how anyone could fall asleep in Downward Dog!

  • Oh such a cutie! I love cats.. omg sooo cute! indeed a yoga expert haha

  • I agree. Looks more like Garland to me.
    That cat had such a cute, chilled out expression, even after it was woken up so abruptly.

  • Adorbz. Too cute. I need to try and capture my ducks doing yoga. They stretch and hold their poses right before they take naps.

  • sasangasana: rabbit pose
    I want to squeeze it so hard.

  • Nancy

    Hello Kitty!

  • Proves again that Balasana (which is what it looks like to me) is ever sooooo relaxing!

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