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Jivamukti Teachers Get Naked for PETA

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

Via Well+Good NYC

Naked bums for our animal chums! NYC yoga teachers go au naturale in support of PETA.

Sadly, all we’re missing are Jivamukti founders Sharon Gannon and David Life.



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  • Elizabeth

    Love it!

  • larry

    Check out this stupid video PETA made: http://meat.org

  • Nude yogi’s and animal rights, could there be any better combination? This is great!

  • As a vegan, feminist animal-rights activist and yogini, I can’t stand PETA. They’re completely blind to, or maybe they just don’t care about, the ways they perpetuate other -isms (sexism, sizeism, racism, you name it) while supposedly agitating for animal welfare. If we can’t work for the betterment of one group without participating in the oppression of another, we’re doing it wrong. This ad saddens me. I had hoped for a little more self-awareness from the Jivamukti crew.

    • Karen Mills

      Shannan what racism, they got black woman and asian womans in the nude! Now if you want to have kinky haired babies thats your free will, don’t call another woman racist if she prefers having Silky Haired babies! I prefer Silky hair too, does that make me racist! Blacks prefer Silky Hair too, are they too then racists! Black men only prefer white and Asian women cause they too love silky hair! So by your message black men are racist #1!!

      Your the racist girl!

  • Mandy

    (sexism, sizeism, racism) too bad comments allow idiotism.

  • MonicaS

    Mandy, are you serious? Shannon is right on. I’ve been a vegan for a decade, and I think PETA is an embarrassment.

  • Me

    Yes, thank you Shannon. We don’t help anything by ignoring other causes.

  • Sara

    Just an excuse to get naked. PETA, you suck.

  • Karen Mills

    You are animal haters shame on you – I love PETA. Animals can’t defend themselves have no Nukes! So do not tell me of other victims, all humans have a voice and a military! Shame on you for even equating animals rights with the other isms! Animals are like babies defensless and need humans to defed from the very humans you mentioned! VEgan my foot, you hate animals and it showed!

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