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Caption This: BKS Iyengar Blesses Bikram Choudhury in India? (photo)

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So Bikram and Iyengar walk into a bar…well, sorta.

My, Bikram, what a bulbous shiny dome you have, perfect for ‘circus’ tricks like headstand! Let me get you a strap, for your ego, er…elbows.

The above photo has us tickled with befuddlement.

This was not photoshopped!

Via facebook:

Bikram receiving a blessing from BKS Iyengar! One of our teacher training classmates, Judes
Yang, took this photo while travelling [sic] with Bikram in India when he visited Iyengar.

So there you have it. One love, y’all.

What’s YOUR caption?



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  • “I’m sorry, but your head is too big for all our crowns. Hahahahahahaha!”

  • Great pic!

  • “Just keep smiling. I’m going to twist your head off for ruining Yoga, you bastard.”

    (Is this a contest? I’ll take my prize now.)

    Bob Weisenberg

  • daynya

    “ooooh, my my my. this head does not FEEL big enough to hold such a large ego, where do you store it??”

  • Can I enter twice. How about:

    “Olympics? You should have your head examined. On second thought, let’s do that right now.”

    Bob W.

  • What about:

    “Bikram, I’m afraid you feel a little warm. Maybe you should go lie down and drink plenty of fluids.”

  • “Sorry Bikram, it IS true what they say about the inverse relationship between the size of your ego and the size of your.. um… Mula Bandha….”

  • technicolordog

    “I’m glad you turned up Bikram! Hold still, let me just unscrew this one and see if I can’t replace it with one that talks less c**p”

  • technicolordog

    “And look over there too! You see everywhere you look there are people performing Tadasana naturally, you can’t possibly patent it you moron”

  • Janice

    “I rub Buddha’s belly for luck. I rub Bikram’s head for money”

  • kat

    “Hot yoga makes you bald!”

  • “You’re right B, when I look at your head I see the future of American yoga as one fucked up circus. By the way, can you introduce me to Tara Stiles. She’s hot!”

  • Rick Zimmerman

    I’ve got dibs on the brain!

  • Chris

    “You roll it around like this, you see, and then you apply a little pressure to the field spot. Not too soft, not too hard. And that’s how you pick a melon!”

  • wow…finally some positive light for Bikram and its get torn right down.

  • Mary Dillon wrote the following comment on Elephant:

    “Just keep smiling. I’m going to twist your head off for ruining Yoga, you bastard.”

    “Olympics? You should have your head examined. On second thought, let’s do that right now.”

    These comments from Bob Weisenberg, the man who claims to “De-Mystify” Yoga on his website…..hmmmm…

    I am amused and inspired to challenge Mr. Weisenberg to a debate on the Validity of Yoga as an Olympic Event. You name the time and place Mr. Weisenberg.

    Thank you
    Mary Dillon

    To which I replied:

    Hi, Mary.

    It was just a joke. I have no problem with Bikram or with Yoga in the Olympics. So it wouldn’t be much of a debate. I’m a Yoga Universalist. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify. Did they make you laugh?

    There was a great chapter on the history of Bikram in a book I co-edited, Yoga in America: In the Words of Some of It’s Most Ardent Teachers.

    See Hot Yoga in America: Roots and Offshoots to go directly to that chapter. I hope to publish this in Elephant soon, which you can take as penance for my jokes!

    Bob Weisenberg

    • Mary Dillon

      Gee Bob, why didn’t you reprint the entire thread of our conversation? Oh, yeah, because that’s the kind of editor you are.


      • Bob Weisenberg

        Hi, Mary. I would like try to make up for any way in which I’ve offended you. But this exchange is almost a year old and I don’t remember the specifics, nor do I remember the other offenses implied in your message. (All I remember is inviting you to write guest articles of your own on Elephant so you can get a full hearing of you Bikram views.)

        Please send me a message on my Facebook page or via e-mail and I would be happy to try to make it up to you if I’ve offended you in anyway.


  • rbw


  • Ang

    I still think Mr. Iyengar is telling Bikram’s future by feeling the bumps on his head. I think it’s called physiognomy.

  • Yogagyrl

    Actually, my friend took that photo in Pune, at Iyengar’s studio, and they were talking about when Iyengar judged Bikram’s third year of competing in the All India Yoga Championships…in which Iyengar gave Bikram 10 out of 10…and Bikram was given the title of Yogiraj.
    They also spoke about Bikram organizing an event to honor Iyengar’s karma yoga and service to the yoga world.
    They were also talking about Bikram’s guru, Bishnu Ghosh (Paramahansa Yogananda’s brother)….and a few other things. 😉 They’re actually friends!

  • The only comment worth remembering is Yogagyrl. How is it that the the elementary moral obligation to others as towards onself has been forgotten in these comments? IT seems that the way of the samadhi is far off for some of you and I wish you in the continuity of your studies. Bikram’s “method” could lead some of his yoginis to a deeper consciousness if they so wish, this is positive.

  • Oops, somehow the peace in I wish you…in the continuity – got zapped! ISn’t that ironic?

  • shannon

    Bikram respects Mr. Iyengar a lot and talks about it in the following article, http://www.yogachicago.com/nov10/bikram.shtml

  • bengan

    2 and bald men

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