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Flavorpill Cans Sept. Yoga at Great Lawn Do-Over, Plans Mega Mass Yoga Series 2011

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Were you sad over the Central Park Yoga wash-out? Pissed about being stuck in the long lines? Annoyed by the in-your-face brand marketing transcending the yoga message? We don’t blame you, it was a bummer! But when Yoga @ the Great Lawn was the largest, shortest yoga class on record due to inclement weather, the event hosts, and namely flavorpill CEO Sascha Lewis promised us all a September do-over –  ‘express entry’, no “line drama”!

But we hadn’t heard anything since! Until we found this message our inbox last night (see below). Sorry to break it to you, there will be NO Yoga at the Great Lawn 2.o this September. Blast! But don’t worry, there are many more mass yoga events to be had and flavorpill is just getting started. Who knows if they couldn’t line up the sponsors and/or book the park for a September re-do (would’ve been perfect for Yoga Month no?), but having the time to reconnoiter the situation, team fp saw a huge opportunity. (YAMA yoga talent should be excited too). Not only will there be Y@GL next summer, there will be a whole series of mass-produced yoga events across the country. Excited?

We’re not sure if these events will once again be sponsor-laden and piss people off, but at least they took our advice and decided to incorporate some charities. (YD poll results show that most people would just as soon pay for an event if they knew it was benefiting a good cause).

Don’t get us wrong, we like the idea of yoga events for the people, but don’t think just because we’re in adho mukha it means we can’t be watch dogs.

Here’s the full message:


Having staged the world’s largest ever registered yoga class, we’ve decided to build off this amazing event and to bring Flavorpill Yoga at the Great Lawn back to NYC next summer.

Rain cut Y@GL short and although we had originally pushed to do a follow-up in September, the real opportunity is not just to do it again quickly, but to offer this event to a wider community, to involve our favorite charities, and to create a year-long program with events in multiple cites.

With that in mind, we are preparing to bring a more expansive version of the Flavorpill Yoga Series to the Great Lawn in 2011, and have started working on a national program for large scale yoga events across the country.

Additionally, we’re excited to announce the launch of our health and wellness mailer, which will be delivered to inboxes weekly, beginning in September. This publication will expand our focus to health and wellness and will keep you updated on the Flavorpill Yoga Series developments, both in NYC and across the country.

See you next year and Namaste, Team Flavorpill

Here’s that poll again…


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