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Kim Kardashian Bares Her Yoga for the Camera

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Speaking of Kim Kardashian’s posterior(ahem)
we know you’re curious how she keeps her shape right? Glory be! It’s yoga!

Here she is in all her tangerine glory, the 29-year-old demonstrating yoga moves in her backyard for the UK’s Daily Mail, you know, as celebrities do. Turns out Ms. K does yoga, watches what she eats and goes to the gym. Crazy! On a side note, celebs sure do love the tree; it’s like the quintessential “Look I’m doing yoga” pose (ahem, Sarah Palin). We’re sticklers, but once, just ONCE we’d be thrilled to see a little more care for those uber-expensive knees (surely knee replacement surgery is 100x more $$$ in Hollywoodland, what with bling-encrusted screws etc). </rant>

And here she is again in what we suspect is a version of janu sirsasana-for-the-camera pose.

Naturally, Kim then tosses on a bikini for the paper…but back to the yoga, might we say we’re pleasantly surprised by the rather demure nature of what could’ve been Heidi Montag Part 2. Everyone knows yoga is sexy.


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  • Sarah

    {bangs head repeatedly on wall}
    {gouges eyes out with tinker-toy stick}
    {sighs loud enough to scare the dog}
    {remembers to judge not}
    “How lovely!”
    {jumps off a bridge.}

  • Sarah – I concur.

  • Her foot placed is placed perfectly on her knee joint. Keep up the good work.
    *holding my noise as I jump off bridge with Sarah

  • HAHA!!!…@ Sarah.

  • That comment was so cute I had to say something…Thank you for making me smile today Sarah 🙂

  • Sarah

    Oh goodness! My bridge is big enough for all of us! Let’s bring floaties! 😉

  • thatgirlshines

    that tree pose is all wrong. her foot is on her knee, which causes unnecessary pressure on the knee joint and can create an injury. it should be on her thigh or shin… and she should be moving that elevated knee back to open the muscles in the groin.

    ok, i’m done knit-picking.

  • ashley

    lol thank you Sarah.. I couldn’t have said it better myself. But look we have another celeb to tell the world how wonderful yoga is.

  • A few months ago she sent out a tweet saying, “So what is this yoga thing? Thinking of giving it a try.”

  • Elizabeth

    Well aside from her knee joint getting all jacked in tree, with her foot all slackasana in that janu pose she is equally jacking the other knee. (Not to mention the strain on her back, where all the bending is happening.) Poor Kim, I’d have thought she could afford to study with a yoga teacher who actually had some training…

  • Shanda

    LMBO! Truly, I think we should all form a not-for-profit agency to offer free yoga instruction to celebriyogis in an effort to eradicate erroneous yoga induced injuries of the rich and famous. Allow them to use their money where it’s most needed – on botox and implants.

  • vickie

    ok, im just a newbie to yoga…. but just an observation…. dont you think that if she realllllllyyyy does yoga, that she would at least make an attempt to do it correctly?????? just a thought…….

  • boo

    look at her foot … right against her knee… good job

  • annie

    omg. seriously? What doesn’t she have a picture of?

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