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Breaking! Post-Rehab Lindsay Lohan Signs On for Bikram Yoga Teacher Training, Claims Bikram Yoga Studio

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Breaking news! Could it be true? Has LiLo signed on for Bikram yoga teacher training?

After serving just 13 days of a 90 day jail sentence and only 22 days of a court-ordered 90 day drug rehab stay – time flies! – Lindsay Lohan has been released back into the world! Prepping for a new career twist? Yes, according to Bikram Yoga Petaluma’s facebook page:

“Lindsay Lohan released from rehab and has enrolled in the Fall Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in San Diego after consulting with Lynn Whitlow.”

For realz or just a cruel joke? We’re awaiting official confirmation. While Linds is free from the confines of a rehab compound, Judge Elden S. Fox on Wednesday handed down orders for Ms. Lohan to undergo psychotherapy 4 times a week, addiction-counseling sessions 5 times a week and submit to random drug and alcohol tests twice a week until November. Would she even have time for the grueling Bikram training running from Sept 19-Nov 20?

Why we think this can’t be true: The post-rehab probation requires Lady Lohan to remain in LA County, and this Bikram training is in San Diego. However, based on her history why would put it past her to finagle an exception?

Besides all that though, the whole thing costs $10,900! That’s including 2-person shared accommodations. The total training fee is a whopping $15,000 if LiLo prefers a single. And we hear she’s got a $40,000/wk bill from UCLA’s rehab center still to pay off, that insurance didn’t cover. Seen in her first post-rehab photo as a walking product placement, the 24-year-old isn’t wasting any time hooking up (or desperately summoning) the sponsors, and frankly we’re getting a little concerned about Zico having to finance all that free coconut water.

Ought to keep her on the wagon though, you think? “Make checks payable to Bikram Choudhury.”


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  • That poor girl is already vata derranged to the max! The LAST thing she needs is to spend long, long days in super-hot conditions doing yoga and getting even more scatter-brained.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think that girl needs yoga, but she needs something much less intense and full on, because that’s just mirroring her own chaotic life.

    *Sigh* But who knows? It could all be another furfy, right? 😉

  • Wow. I was thinking of going to this teacher training too!

  • BG2

    Would she really have been accepted if she wasn’t Lindsey Lohan? Doesn’t the school have standards and a application process to determine who is ready for such an intense training program? For instance, practicing regularly for a year or two? Doesn’t say much for the school in my opinion, if this story is true. Of course, I don’t know if Lindsey is a regular yogi, but her current problems don’t seem to support that.

  • I’d love to see the price tag for a weekend retreat led by Lindsay Lohan.

  • thedancingj

    HAH. That posting was a joke, which was online about 24 hours. But this is how rumors get started! Another sucker is born every minute. I remember last year, some other joker started a rumor that the Olsen twins were going to teacher training….

  • Lindsay, you are welcome to come teach at my studio when you are finished the training–Bikram Yoga Kitchener-Waterloo, http://www.bikramyogakw.com. Just let me know. If you do go, it will be truly awsome for sure!
    David Tiviluk
    Bikram Yoga KW

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