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This Week In Yoga: Zac Efron, Sexy YogAdgate, Grotesque Kundaloony Art, Happy as Pie

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The good, the bad, the ugly, sexy, happy as pie.  That’s pretty much where we’re at this week. yum.

Here’s What Happened This Week In Yoga:

  • Did you see Eat, Pray, Love? Are you in the triumph or turd category? [read more]
  • Yoga is sexy! Should we care if the ads are? YOU voted. See the results and responses from relevant parties involved with what all started from a letter to the editor of Yoga Journal [read more]
  • And while you’re at it, go all the way and read the response from Yoga Journal‘s Editor in Chief. [read more]
  • If you really want sexy, try yogarazzi shots of Zac Efron doing manly things…er we mean read about how he and lady Vanessa Hudgens nama-stay together. [read more]
  • The ugly? A serpent goes all Freddy Kruger on a yogi in this kooky kundalini inspired claymation art installation…[read more]
  • Don’t let that get you down…up your GABA and do some yoga. Science says so…[read more]
  • Finally, if you missed it check out our first contribution to NY’s finest YogaCityNYC and brush up on your yoga talent agency trivia: Pop Quiz Yoga Students: What is YAMA? If You Said Talent Agency…

Other Sexy Stuff:

Illinois Senator John Millner (Rep.) and his staff yoga’d with India’s Acharya Lokesh, a Jain teacher, basically as a political maneuver, but hey, a little lesson in “anger-management, stress-management, and freedom [from] vices with techniques of meditation and yoga” never hurt anyone. [Hindu Times]

You know MindBody Online, the company that every yoga studio and their sister seems to use for class schedule and booking “reservations”? Yeah, well the OpenTable for the health industry makes LOADS of money ($12.5 million revenue run rate, expecting to close the year at $13 million in revenue, up from $8 million last year and $6 million the year before) and they just snagged another $14 mil from two venture capital firms. [Wall Street Journal]

Enjoy the weekend!

Don’t forget to check back for another installment of YD Goes to Yoga School!

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