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Science says, Do Yoga To Help Your Brain Fight Depression and Anxiety

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Here’s a tip: Want to be happier? Do yoga. Science says so!

Some of us ‘dorks don’t need funded studies to prove that yoga’s a cheerbooster, but science might help budge the skeptics! And by skeptics we’re also referring to physicians and doctors who often need that evidence to responsibly do their jobs (we can cut them some slack). So good thing there are teams of researchers like at Boston University School of Medicine where in a recent study they found yoga helps protect the brain from depression. How wonderful!

Via Telegraph UK:

Scientists found that the levels of the amino acid GABA are much higher in those that carry out yoga than those do the equivalent of a similarly strenuous exercise such as walking.

And that GABA stuff is a chemical the body produces to maintain functions of the brain and central nervous system. If GABA levels are high you can find relaxation. If GABA levels are low icky things like depression and anxiety naturally kick in. The study involved two groups of health participants: half walked three hours a week and the other half did yoga the same amount of time over the course of 12 weeks. Guess whose levels of GABA were higher! Yogis!

They didn’t specify style or level of yoga involved, but we’re getting happy just thinking about it.


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  • all those researchers have to do is come to my class I do at a domestic violence shelter to see whether yoga contributes to less depression and more happiness

  • It’s always great to be validated.

  • Um…Obviously! All of our politicians should have required yoga classes 🙂

  • So nice that science has finally validated what yogis already know! 🙂

  • I am so elated to see more professional studies about these results from yoga. As a former suffered of crippling anxiety & depression, yoga was a key element in changing my life!

  • Great for you Victoria! I’ve always heard great things about yoga. Will surely try simple poses one of these days. Thanks for sharing this information. 🙂

  • love it when spammers leave such lovely comments!

  • arvind

    As soon who is suffering from ADHD, addiction and bipolar disorder…i am finally finding some happiness in my life and able to connect with people emotionally. Yoga is helping me balance my emotions, set priorities in life, helping me absorb and observe myself and my sorroundings and ultimately stay true to myself. There is some amount of physically strengthen effects of yoga, but from my personal experience, yoga helps you align your mind and body. I am beginning to love myself and appreciate the simple moments in life and I havent found any other way to find happiness and cure to my life besides yoga.


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