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“Snakes Know It’s Yoga” Most Grotesque Yogic Horrors Captured in Claymation Art

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And now the next episode from the Yogi’s Believe It Or Not bizarro bin! It’s Nathalie Djurberg’s “Snakes Know It’s Yoga” a claymation art installation with images that speak for their creatively freaky selves. It’s always interesting to see how yoga is used in art. This particular case has us fascinated and wincing in a Tim Burton meets unruly Kundalini meets Texas Chainsaw Massacre kind of way.

About Lady ND and her grotesque and twisted fairy-tales, via The New York Times Magazine (8/22/10):

On the largest of four screens placed among display cases full of skulls, the adoring serpent catapulted the startled yogi into comical yoga poses, then tore at the man’s flesh, contorting his dismembered limbs into a distended figure out of a Salvador Dalí painting.

The Swedish-born artist explains her vision:

“I think most of the women in my videos are really beautiful,” Djurberg said, “but I am also attracted to not-so-perfect looks. For me perfect is boring. Everyone who thinks they are a bit ugly tries to hide it. And the hiding is unattractive, but when I see someone who stands up for how they look, it takes my breath away.”

Hm, quite a lovely statement. Does that change your view of her work?

“The show is about exoticism, mysticism, dirt, painting and enlightenment,” Djurberg told me later. “Most people have feelings, have heartaches or are afraid of dying or of pain. I’m not so afraid of pain. Of course, I wouldn’t like having my legs chopped off, but an O.K. amount of pain is all right. Some people are terrified of that. Fear is the most horrible thing.”

Nothing like a little yoga, or kundaloony serpent dismemberment in clay animation to confront those fears.  See more images here…WARNING: it gets worse.


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