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Zac Efron Man Enough to Try Girly Yoga with Vanessa Hudgens

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ATTENTION: Celebriyogi break needed stat! Cuteness HIGH ALERT.

Can’t. Handle. The Cuteness. America’s High School sweethearts-no-longer-in-high-school, Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens aren’t rushing to the alter, but they’re married together in yoga! Sorta. Ms. Hudgens is a full-on celebriyogi with plenty ‘o yogarazzi shots to prove it, while Zac mostly prefers more “manly” things like lifting weights and posing in the mirror. However! He’s slowly being convinced and admits, “She’s [Vanessa] into yoga and all the girlie ways you can work out. She’s getting me into that stuff, too.” Finally, Zac Efron will show his effeminate side!

um, escusee, did we not fully express the manliness of yoga clearly enough? Whatevs.

We hope this news is true cause frankly it couldn’t hurt to see more celebriyogidude shots making the gossip rounds. Matthew McConaughey can only do so much! Of course we wish these two adorable kids the very best and only hope yoga helps them live even more happily ever after, because everybody knows they’re living Disney cartoon characters.

And you know what they say, those who svadhyhaya together stay together! Nama-stay together? Nevermind.

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