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How Much Does a Weekend with Jennifer Aniston’s Yoga Teacher Cost?

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Take a guess! In a time when luxury vacations include jetting off for Eat, Pray, Love-inspired world tours, what do YOU think a weekend retreat at an impossibly fancy hotel and spa with Jen Aniston’s yoga guru is worth? You may have to sell a kidney.

Via SocialWorkout:

Holy hot towels. Then again, can you really put a price tag on spiritual evolution?


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  • That’s a lot! I can see that price for maybe a 4-5 night retreat, not a two night one!

  • Okay, but how much of that is to cover the lululemon mat? ;-P

  • What? That’s too expensive, if you ask me. No one did ask me, but anyway. : )

    Also, why a “keepsake” mat? It’s not like a “keepsake” t-shirt or coffee mug or something else you can easily collect a lot of. If I got a mat every time I went away to a yoga something-or-other I’d be swimming in them. Pass!

  • that’s a flight to India for me where I can stay for free with my yogi friends…..

  • mlb

    leave it to the west to turn yoga into capitalism. how sad.

  • Yogini3

    Contrary to popular belief, I do live in New York City and I sure CAN put a price tag on spiritual evolution … and one local newspaper finally agrees with me …


    Now, I wouldn’t be mistaken for a true believer, and I don’t care (translates to: if you think I am buying more yoga from you, go get a day job!!)

    If I can’t pay for it in cash, I CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!!!!

  • Yeah, I can stay that long at my retreat center in north-east Thailand for that amount…

    And I’m feeling a TINY bit judgy about the line: “Why: Cause you want to look like Jennifer Aniston, duh.”

  • Meant to say I could stay a whole month or more!!

  • ray

    top that!

  • admin

    haha.. oh ray, you went there. and I can not thank you enough 🙂

    Hollywood Yoga Teacher, Mandy Ingber is Polly of ‘Teen Witch’, Top That!

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