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Jersey Shore’s JWoww Does Yoga, Runs S**t

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OMG major development. Bet you were just waiting at the very edge of your sukhasana for  ‘Jersey Shore’ does yoga news! We know it! Thank goodness for popeater after long last we have validated proof there’s more than just fist pumping and tanning bed lid-lifting  in this young lady’s fitness routine. JWoww does yoga! Which we learn via her first attempt at reality TV, long before the pride of Seaside, ‘Jersey Shore’ “situation”-ed itself ridiculously ubiquitous. The photo above is a pic snapped at the actual audition. We don’t know the name of the show, but we think she’s perfect for  ‘America’s Next Top Yoguidette’! Although, someone really ought to ask Ms. Woww to reconsider wearing a yoga mat bag as a shirt.

The application didn’t ask her favorite yoga pose, but we would LOVE for you to guess anyway!

Name: Jenni Farley
Nick Name: JWoww
DOB: February 27, 1985

Have you ever auditioned or been on any reality shows before? No

What is your dating status: Single

What is your current occupation:
Business owner

How would your friends describe you: Party animal, hot, player/pimp, funny/comical, beauty queen, diva, artist

How would describe your own look/style:

Do you have any other jobs/hobbies? Yoga, movies, owning two businesses, bartending at cigar lounge, I run s**t.

Do you have any unique talents? Run the show

What kind of qualities do you look for in a potential boyfriend?

Do you have crush on anyone who is not a celebrity?
F**k them all

What’s your best quality? My looks and smarts

If you could describe yourself as an animal, what would it be and why? Tiger… obvious reasons.

Tell us more about yourself: VP Marketing Ignitionnation, own a graphic design company, moved to Long Island 2 years ago I know everyone! Confident, single, sexy, Love life! Party hard + work hard.

— Loves upstate New York
— She’s into tall, dark handsome guys who love dogs and are outgoing, very business type
— Cut off BF [Boyfriend’s] fingers with a sword
— A+


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