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Ask ‘Stretch’ Author Neal Pollack Your YogaDorkiest Questions!

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Neal Pollack is a YogaDork! He’s also a novelist, a journalist and more recently a self-proclaimed “hot jew of the yoga generation.” He’s a funny guy. Maybe best known for his days as an unwieldy and intoxicated narcissistic satirist, Neal’s rising star hit the skidless sticky mat of life, if you will, because of those very same reasons. (see photo timeline below).  But alas, NP has found his true nature  – as a Yoga Dude! Satirical, but now with less toxins, a dash of santosha and a mean headstand. If you’ve kept up with his column at The Faster Times you’d know he just recently finished a month-long yoga teacher training with Richard Freeman in CO, and is gearing up for the release of his new book Stretch: The Unlikely Making of a Yoga Dude, out next Tuesday 8/10. Exciting! What WE are so excited about is that this hot yoga jew is allowing us all to dork out and ask him questions!

This is what he had to say…

“Hey, everyone. Thanks so much to YD for playing along, and extra thanks to you all for participating. I’m incredibly excited about this book, and hope you all have a chance to read and enjoy Stretch. As for this little Q&A game here, don’t consider it an ‘ask the expert’ situation, because I’m no expert. I’m just a regular, or at least semi-regular, guy who really enjoys yoga and really appreciates what it’s done for my life. I also think that most yoga culture is totally ridiculous. So those are your parameters: Regular guy who loves yoga and likes to mock it gently. On your marks.”

So there you go…the mic is open! Please post Q’s in the comments asap as we need to gather by early next week.

Check out an excerpt from STRETCH at The Nervous Breakdown.

The book that’s essentially about Neal Pollack’s journey from this:

circa 2000

to this: circa 2002

to this: 2010

and the yoga in between.


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  • A virtual press conference — cool. I loved the “Stretch” excerpt. I think it’s challenging to be funny about yoga (so I don’t try — I just stick to mostly being super earnest and straightforward.)

    My questions for Neal are: What do you love about teaching? What’s one of the most important things you learned from your teacher Richard Freeman? And finally, what things besides yoga to you enjoy learning/practicing?


  • Really enjoyed the excerpt…especially the honesty of it.

    I like the inclusion of the 2000 and 2002 photos above (I have a few of those as well) and wonder how your “unwieldly and intoxicated” past informs your practice in the present.

  • ?s for Neal:

    1.) What’s the one pose that makes you feel the dorkiest and what pose makes you feel badass?

    2.) What is the funniest thing that has happened during a yoga class?

    3.) Is Richard Freeman still as bendy as he was in his Ashtanga video and does he still use the same unusual descriptions/ language for describing transitions/poses?

    4.) What do you wear to do yoga? (this is a long standing #yogadork question for male yoga practitioners) short shorts, long shorts or pants? what is your favorite brand of yoga clothing?

    5.) Music or no music in class? If yes to music what are your favorite bands to practice to and wanna share a playlist?

  • Neal.

    My husband wants to know how long it took to film the video with the headstand and the joint, and how stoned you became. (He’s been a fan of your improbable and impressive weed consumption since Alternadad).

    I’ve been reading your yoga stuff, and I’m impressed by how you manage to sound both respectful of the practice, yet completely not-in-thrall, if you will. Being quite sarcastic myself, I have been wondering if knee-jerk Gen-X irony (my basic mode) is incompatible with a serious yoga practice on and off the mat. Thoughts???? Please help.

  • Why do yoga schools make the class descriptions so confusing for beginning students? How can we tell when a class isn’t going to be so complicated we should just stay home?

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