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This Week In Yoga: In Which The New York Times Induces Yogic Bedlam

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If we thought last week was showing signs of the yogapocalypse, we’d been blissfully under prepared for what The New York Times had in store! Seriously, where was the in-flight safety card demonstration? To borrow a word from the most talked about NYT-On-Yoga article from last Sunday – that one about the state of yoga inc., and its mogul – this week was a “maelstrom” of yogical proportions! Queries! Controversies! Star Wars! Oh my. Exhausted, we are.

Here’s what happened this week on YD:

Lest we forget it was Sri K Pattabhi Jois’ birthday on Monday. Om Shanti Guruji. [read more]

OK, now then, did you take a deep breath?

Someone had to do it! Finally, yoga and Star Wars unite in franchising heaven. Now who’s going to help Yogi Bear make a comeback? [read more: Star Wars Yoga]

Hey, suckers love yoga! Ian Somerhalder gives us yet another reason to sink our teeth into…the practice. [read more]

Sarah Silverman finds her Jewish roots on the yoga mat. Also more opportunities for fart jokes. [read more]

Marilyn Monroe is one hot celebriyogi, 1948. [read more]

NYT-on-Yoga: Hm, you may have heard about the enormous NYTimes article on John Friend and his Anusara empire, complete with a photo of the exalted one in “Boss pose”? Maybe you heard even louder, the uproarious reaction from the online yoga community, JF’s non-reaction reaction via twitter, followed by Elena Brower’s move to respond in the comments, and the subsequent official Yoga Mogul response in the form of “falsehood” rebuttals. Oy vey! We’ll give you a moment to catch up.

A few more things…

Oh! and we’re giving away 2 copies of Stefanie Syman’s ‘The Subtle Body: The Story of Yoga in America’! [read more to enter]

Other Yoga News Not in the NYTimes:

Waylon Lewis interviews John Friend post-rebuttal, if you’re interested in further clarification on $100,000 salaries and the yogic difference between “fast food” and “fine dining” according to JF, who counts himself among the ‘suit-jacket required’. [read more at ele]

Speaking of suits and money, we can all thank yoga for helping super rich and important Pimco exec Bill Gross to arrive at the decision to avoid subprime-mortgage-backed securities in 2005. Too bad he forgot to share with the rest of America. [Wall Street Journal]

Gotta love this EXCLUSIVE from Fox News on Lindsay Lohan’s prospective rehab facility which offers this cah-razy approach to recovery with vitamins, yoga and meditation. How WEIRD! We know Lindsay needs some tough love, but we also know yoga helping with addictions is no kombucha party! [Fox News]

For all the lovely yogadorks at Wanderlust, have a shot of Shakti for us and go see Brazilian Girls! We’re gonna take a nap.

Until next week!

Don’t forget to check back this weekend for another installment of YD Goes to Yoga School!

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