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The New York Times Profiles YogaDork!

in Public Display of Yoga, YD News

OK here goes…

The New York Times ‘Yoga’s Serious. Except When It’s Not.’

Official response: HOLY MOLY!

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  • Awesome! Everyone loves YogaDork!!!

  • Congrats! The article was great – and proves all the more that YogaDork is swank 🙂

  • congrats! wow, you and JF in the same week, eh?

  • itsme

    Congratulations! Have been a silent reader for about 9 months, and happy to see you getting the (semi-anonymous) recognition you deserve.

  • Amazing, much-deserved publicity! We’re so happy for YogaDork. 🙂

  • MyDarling

    Are you serious about guest bloggers? I’d give it a shot…

  • Very cool!

  • abbylou

    yay! I am surprised… I totally thought you were a dude.

  • SkateBabe


  • Wow! Congrats! My favourite line in the article: “Her complexion is flawless…” What an odd thing to write in an article, but kudos to you and your flawless complexion.

  • I super second your official response! Great piece that really captures your awesomeness. And it’s really nice to finally put a name to your, um, totally hidden (yet “flawless”) face… —Melisse of WellandGoodNYC.com

  • One of my yoga hero’s true identity is revealed at last!!! Or IZZZZ it? Given the recent NYT coverage of John Friend, who claimed in a rebuttal all kinds of falsities stated by the writer, what is the truth in this story, YD? Did j’list get it right? Do you generally wear plaid shirts? This curious fan wants to know. 🙂 Yay, YogaDork!

  • CiaoBella

    Congratulations! Well deserved recognition. 🙂

  • Yogini5

    So, was that *really* Yogadork in the photo when sister old crone, Cora Wen (the Yogacrone) tagged her with the sirsasana in the Guggenheim Museum, NYC?

    On seeing the photo, I had to do a double-take about Yogadork. Lady writes like a dude!

  • Of course, this is brilliant! Our own Gawker.com style blog, and as a long time fan, I’m glad to know a little more about you 😀

  • i walled it on facebook, tweeted it on twitter and now i’m commenting it here – GREAT RECOGNITION FOR YOUR GREAT WORK!

  • Chris

    Congratulations on the article. The NYT is certainly is paying a lot of attention to yoga lately, isn’t it? But why did I think Yoga Dork was male?

  • I also tweeted (and digged, dugged?) this as soon as I read it…Congratulations, well deserved and it’s fun to finally get to know the woman behind the blog…peace, Meridance 🙂

  • Very awesome recognition! Keep it real, don’t let your ego grab a hold of that!


    girl–i always did think you were NOT a dude, that you were a dudette with a very strong writing style! i am surprised though that your other job is not a journo? you have great great news sense–truly. great job, congrats, love reading your stuff!


  • That is really nice concept dude.iam genuinely proud of you . Do u have twitter?? i want to adhere to you .thx

  • Just proves the old adage. Its an ill wind that blows no good. – Whatever is begun in anger ends in shame. – Benjamin Franklin 1706 – 1790

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